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Establishing & Managing Multiple Locations on Google My Business for Improved Local SEO Results.
The Importance of Localized Search Results

The Importance of Localized Search Results

The importance of establishing and maintaining a profile on Google My Business can’t be overstated. It is the hallmark of local SEO and could rightly be considered the fountainhead from which all subsequent activities flow.

What is Google My Business?

It is a free service that allows companies to influence and control important elements of their business listings, including NAP information (Name, Address, Phone). Other notable features include the ability to add photos, business categories and descriptions, hours of operation, and preferred web addresses.

Google wants to deliver the most relevant and useful results to searcher queries. Therefore, all searches are local searches. Geo-tracking on mobile devices enables Google to display results within our immediate proximity. For example, if you search for the query engineering consultant in Nashville you will get very different results than if you perform the same search in Philadelphia.

This is precisely why Volkert, Inc. enlisted Astute Communications to establish Google My Business profiles for each of their 44 locations spanning 15 states. It was an undertaking that required interdepartmental communication and coordination, but it was well worth the effort. Having location-specific Google My Business profiles has vastly improved Volkert’s SEO efforts.

Overview of Volkert, Inc.

Overview of Volkert, Inc.

Volkert, Inc. is a privately held consulting firm based out of Mobile, AL. Their areas of expertise include engineering, environmental consulting, program management, and construction services. The company was originally founded in 1925 in New Orleans under the name Doullut and Ewin, Inc. They currently employ over 1100 workers in over 40 offices in 15 states, including Washington DC. If that’s not impressive enough, Volkert was ranked 87th among the top 500 design firms in the United States in 2018 by Engineering News-Record.

In short, Volkert is an impressive company with a storied history. We were delighted when they came to us to help them establish and manage Google My Business profiles for all of their locations scattered across the country.

Establishing Multiple Google My Business Locations

Establishing Multiple Google My Business Locations

Successfully establishing Google My Business profiles for over 40 locations posed some interesting challenges. First and foremost, we needed to get organized. We worked closely with Volkert’s Director of Communications and Public Relations to create a master list of all locations, complete with unique addresses, phone numbers, and office managers.

We decided it would be best to launch a three-month campaign that targetted specific states and regions. The biggest challenge was the fact that Google requires verification on all new locations and listings. Which is totally understandable. But the verification process ranges from streamlined to inefficient (with no apparent reason). Unfortunately for us, the majority of Volkert’s locations required us to verify the location via postcard – challenge accepted.

If you’ve never seen a Google My Business postcard, it closely resembles junk mail. Our best line of defense against this was to address each postcard to the office manager along with notifying them of its imminent arrival within 3-5 business days. Some locations were easy, some were hard. But in the end, we got them all verified.

The Outcome - Being Findable in Local Search

The Outcome: Being Findable in Local Search

Due to our efforts, along with effective communication and cooperation on Volkert’s part, we have successfully established location-specific Google My Business profiles for each of their locations. This is helping them to show up more easily and frequently in local searches.

In a holistic SEO strategy, optimizing for local search is arguably the most effective tactic when it comes to generating leads – Google My Business is the at the center of these efforts. We are happy to report that Volkert, Inc. is now boasting a local presence befitting of such a longstanding company. We were able to solve their problem and exceed their expectations, which is always our aim.