Verdi Oncology

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Verdi Oncology is an oncology practice management company founded in 2018 in partnership with Pharos Capital – a physician-founded private equity firm. Pharos Capital is focused on growing healthcare companies that lower the total cost of care, improve patient outcomes and expand access to care. By providing a range of services including branding, print collateral, multisite development, content strategy, and search engine optimization, Astute has been able to help Verdi Oncology establish a strong and consistent brand identity and better reach its target audience.

Verdi means value (literally, it’s a Norwegian Bokmån term that translates in English as ‘value’). With that, we created a comprehensive brand identity for Verdi with a focus on Scandinavian design principles: cleanliness, simplicity, and functionality. 

Since Verdi comprises a network of co-brands, the design system needed to support several naming conventions and still remain cohesive. We worked to define 2 primary co-brands: one that speaks to their corporate audience, as well as another that resonates within their practice’s audiences.

Verdi Oncology, Inc. Brand Standards - Developed by Astute Communications

Building several websites for Verdi was a fun opportunity for us to flex the dual branding system we created. The Verdi Oncology website speaks to practices, physicians, and practitioners who benefit from joining their network. The various practice websites speak directly to the patients in each location within their network. 

In addition to these 2 website systems – we created an additional site for Verdi Oncology Research, another co-brand whose primary focus is providing knowledge about the clinical trials and research Verdi participates in.

Verdi Oncology, Inc. Web Design and Development by Astute Communications
Verdi Oncology, Inc. trusts Astute Communications with its marketing efforts
Verdi Oncology, Inc. - multisite design by Astute Communications
Verdi Oncology, Inc. - messaging crafted by Astute Communications

Through a combination of SEO and content creation services, Astute has helped Verdi Oncology establish a strong online presence and drive targeted traffic to its website. By leveraging the latest SEO tactics and best practices, we were able to optimize their website for search engines, resulting in higher search rankings and increased organic traffic. Additionally, our high-quality content creation services helped them to establish thought leadership in their industry, engage with their audience, and drive more qualified leads. The result was a measurable increase in online visibility and lead generation, helping Verdi Oncology and its partner practices to grow their business and achieve their goals.  

Verdi Oncology, Inc. Print Collateral Design by Astute Communications

Over the years we’ve worked with Verdi, we’ve created a lot of digital and print collateral for both brands. This includes, but is not limited to: business cards, letterheads, newsletters, note cards, thank you cards, presentation decks, folders and inserts, brochures, flyers, invites, articles and even intake forms.