Krebs Stamos Group

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  • print collateral
  • copywriting

Founded by two recognized security leaders, Krebs Stamos Group works with companies that are responding to intense cybersecurity crises or want to understand and prepare for the risks inherent in operating a digital enterprise in a high-intensity threat environment. As the company began to take shape, Astute was brought on board to lead the branding, design and website development.

“Committed to building a better, safer, and more secure technological landscape.”

KSG is a group of collective specialists who guide their clients through ever evolving risk landscapes. We created a brand identity designed to reflect their strengths: confidence, accountability, and transparency.

Krebs Stamos Group Business Card Design by Astute Communications
Krebs Stamos Group Brand Identity, Designed by Astute Communications

Navigating the themes of cyber security can be complicated enough. The website we built for KSG is designed to help simplify these conversations. Our objective was to create an impactful experience at the front, and follow with more detailed information throughout the user flow of the website’s interior.  

Krebs Stamos Group Web Design and Development by Astute Communications
Krebs Stamos Group Mobile Design - Astute Communications
Krebs Stamos Group Web Copy Written by Astute Communications
Krebs Stamos Group Brand Messaging, Developed by Astute Communications

Part of our engagement with Krebs Stamos Group focused on revamping their website copy to better communicate their expertise and service offerings. Through in-depth research, strategic messaging, and engaging language, we were able to help the firm establish a clear, concise, and compelling online presence that resonated with its target audience.

Krebs Stamos Groups Embroidered Jackets - Designed by Astute Communications

Krebs Stamos Group requested a few additional items to kick off their new identity. These included business cards, presentation decks, presentation templates, a treated image library to use in their internal materials, track jackets, socks, stickers and water bottles.   

Krebs Stamos Group - Copywriting by Astute Communications