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High Tide Technologies is a National end-to-end cloud-based SCADA company that enables its users to create a complete SCADA solution that utilizes field units, satellite, cellular or Ethernet communications as well as the Internet to monitor and provide automatic control of your systems. Astute has been with High Tide Technologies for several years, leading their content, marketing and branding initiatives as the company has more than quadrupled its revenue in that time.

Good design is good business. The leadership team at High Tide Technologies recognized this early on, and we were able to help brand the agency in a modern way that also kept their customers and distributors front of mind. Modern without being fancy, we applied the Jungian Archetypes we discovered in our Brand Workshop sessions to deliver a brand that spoke to the 3 pillars of the company: The Hero, The Sage, The Citizen. Working from this discovery, we were able to bring a brand to market that stood out from the crowd and positioned High Tide Technologies as a leader in their industry. The growth that followed validated these decisions.

High Tide Technologies Branding Swag Designed by Astute Communications
High Tide Technologies Brand was Created and Designed by Astute Communications, a creative digital agency
High Tide Technologies Print Collateral, Written and Designed by Astute Communications

High Tide Technologies has come to us with a wide variety of collateral needs. In addition to their digital collateral needs, we’ve designed business cards, brochures, labels, spec sheets, inserts, case studies, infographics, print ads, notecards, and tradeshow booth wraps. 

Astute was originally hired to help with HTT’s SEO needs. Their organic growth had become stagnant, and we offered an approach that was heavy in long-form content creation with technical SEO tactics and best practices mixed in to really ramp up their organic growth. The results have been stunning.

We write extremely detailed long form content designed to educate the user while also poised to own a variety of keywords in that space. We design and create case studies that show social proof and also build up referral pipelines. We optimized their services and product pages to ensure that they own a large market share on a large variety of SERPs.

Since partnering with Astute, HTT has experienced a significant boost in organic growth. By implementing a strategy focused on long-form content creation and technical SEO tactics, we were able to help HTT achieve higher rankings in search engine results pages, resulting in increased website traffic and more leads.

High Tide Technologies Organic Traffic Increases - SEO Services Provided By Astute Communications
High Tide Technologies - PPC Services Provided by Astute Communications

After establishing a strong inbound strategy, we implemented a digital advertising campaign to reach a new audience. We implemented Social Media Advertising campaigns as well as Google Search and Display campaigns to grow our new business efforts. Through refined audience creation, geo-targeting, and the right messaging, we were able to help High Tide Technologies continue to grow their business through new business opportunities they may have missed otherwise.

High Tide Technologies - Google Ads Management by Astute Communications