Hush Pup Co.

  • branding
  • package design

“Creating calm, confident, companions.” We understand that there are no bad dogs, just bad information. Hush Pup Co empowers dog parents to understand the cause and effect of certain behaviors, and guide their audience to solutions and products that foster better relationships with their pets. We had a lot of fun creating a brand identity and package design for this new brand. 

The brand elements we created for Hush Pup Co are reflective of their core values: to build meaningful relationships, provide joy, and act with integrity and transparency. The brand promises transformation and knowledge through empathy and understanding. We wrote copy, designed packaging, and created a comprehensive brand identity as wholesome and fun as the dogs they serve. 

Hush Pup Co. Brand Identity - Branding Services by Astute Communications
Hush Pup Co. Branding Design - Branding Services by Astute Communications
Hush Pup Co. Box Design - Designed by Astute Communications

We created a design system for the various products Hush Pup Co provides. The elements that shaped this system include color, iconography, illustration and copy. Good Pup, Chill Pup and Happy Pup all have their own design identifiers and messaging, which aid in the user experience while browsing different products. 

Hush Pup Co. Bottle Design - Designed by Astute Communications
Hush Pup Co. Jar Label Design - Design Services by Astute Communications

Since good branding leaves no material behind, we also designed stickers and packaging paper for Hush Pup Co to use for their product shipments. The pattern we created is a series of elements that celebrate a happy dog’s life: tennis balls, socks, treats, bones, toys and (of course) fire hydrants.  

Hush Pup Co. Package Paper Design - Designed by Astute Communications