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BLR provides innovative tools, resources, and solutions to help fit the unique needs of the country’s largest organization. Their education solutions help guide businesses to deliver consistent training, achieve compliance, and maximize efficiencies in employee workflows. They are an industry-leading knowledge provider that provides powerful workflow tools, up-to-date and reliable compliance resources, and engaging and interactive learning modules.

To improve the online visibility and customer experience for BLR and its related properties, our website copywriting project was driven by competitive research and a streamlined customer experience. We identified the most relevant and valuable keywords to incorporate into the site’s copy. This helps increase search engine rankings, and ultimately, serves to drive more organic traffic to BLR’s website. 

Additionally, we focused on creating clear and concise messaging that resonates with their target audience by emphasizing BLR’s unique value proposition. The result is a website that ranks higher in search engines while providing a seamless and engaging user experience for customers.

BLR - Website Content Developed by Astute Communications

The BLR digital experience needed a facelift. The company has a proud roster of clients, including many of the fortune 100. The challenge was to design a website that was simple and intuitive for a variety of users across industry and across various levels in their organizations. We needed to offer both individual solutions that can help an organization in a specific way, while also ensuring that we keep their full suite of services at the forefront of the design.

BLR Sitemap Created by Astute Communications
BLR - Web Design and Development by Astute Communications
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