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  • Understanding the Design Process Pt. 1: An Interview with Our Creative Director

    Understanding the Design Process Pt. 1: An Interview with Our Creative Director

    When many people hear design, they often think it’s just about making something look pretty. However, design is a complex process with many moving parts. Great design creates a meaningful connection and helps brands reach a specific goal. It can also alter customer perception, build trust, and help convey your message. Many of our client… Read more

  • What to Look For in a Branding Agency

    What to Look For in a Branding Agency
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    A branding agency isn’t just the cost of doing business but a long-term investment. It will help you elevate your brand and meet your business goals. You can always take the budget-friendly route by using your internal team or hiring freelance resources, but spending more money on an experienced branding agency will yield better quality… Read more

  • 5 Examples of Strong Brand Positioning 

    5 Examples of Strong Brand Positioning 
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    Brand positioning is invaluable, but it can be challenging to find. Brand power involves generating brand awareness, building trust, creating a memorable experience, and continually improving to foster brand loyalty. Brand power determines how valuable your brand’s trademark is and how much customers are willing to pay for it.  Brand power hugely influences your ability… Read more

  • Client Spotlight: Hush Pup Co.

    Client Spotlight: Hush Pup Co.

    The Client Based in Florida, Hush Pup Co. is a strong advocate for transformation in the dog community. They empower dog parents to understand the underlying issues that lead to behavioral problems and provide a product to help treat these issues. Hush Pup’s success comes from putting the dog first. They are committed to creating… Read more

  • Client Spotlight: The Cove

    Client Spotlight: The Cove
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    The Client Located in Wilmington, North Carolina, The Cove at Momentum Recovery is built on the assumption that connection is the antidote to addiction. In order to facilitate that connection, The Cove provides their residents with a continuum of care that incorporates a myriad of services including ongoing outpatient therapy with therapists that specialize in… Read more

  • Client Spotlight: Verdi Oncology

    Client Spotlight: Verdi Oncology
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    The Client Headquartered in Brentwood, Tennessee with locations across the United States, Verdi Oncology is an oncology practice management company that empowers different practices, physicians, and hospitals to create value through high quality, low cost, patient centric oncology care. Verdi was founded on the belief that cancer treatment should be patient centric and value based,… Read more