As technology continues to grow as the main form of conducting businesses, first impressions are everything. Companies need to put their best foot forward these days and make sure that their values are clearly stated from the first time a possible customer lays eyes on them. That’s where your website’s “About Us” page can help sell your company to future clients.

What Are The Main Pieces of an About Us Page?

There is no end all be all template for an about us page, but adding the right components can help you sell yourself and paint your company in a good light. It’s also a great way to help you attract better talent.

Mission Statement

Clearly stating your company’s mission is key. You don’t necessarily need to write down your entire mission statement, but be sure to make it clear what you do, why you do it, and how you envision your business doing meaningful work for their clients. This is essentially your elevator pitch to everyone who comes across your page. 

History of The Company

Everyone has a backstory, share yours with the world! It doesn’t have to be a Hallmark script, but talk about where you come from, how you’ve grown, and show people that you can grow and change to become a better business. 


It’s imperative that you can back up whatever it is you’re saying on your page. Be sure to share what you’ve worked on, clients you work with, reviews, and case studies. These are all great ways to provide evidence that you are who you say you are and are proud of the work you do.

15 Example to Help Inspire Your About Us Page


Giphy is a great example of an about us page as they incorporate moving elements to help drive home what they do. They clearly state what they do under a short animation and then lead into a gallery of GIFs that help them bring life to their mission, services, and general company information.


Etsy as a company has grown rapidly over the last few years as a place for people to sell their crafts online. It’s become a hub for artists and designers and their about us page reflects that with clean moving elements. This helps portray the artistic nature of the company and their copy states exactly why they do what they do and how you can get started on Etsy.


Humaan is a creative agency based in Australia that boasts a beautiful about us page. They are client and employee focused, featuring images of their staff, and a sliding carousel of their clients logos. They make it very clear what it is they do for their clients, and present their glowing reviews right under their client list. 


Drift’s about page is all about attracting more like minded employees. They talk extensively about their culture, why they love their work, and feature testimonials from their employees talking about their love for the company. This is a great way to not only attract new employees, but prove to clients that you are a company people want to work with. 


Medium is a publication company that allows readers and writers to access and share information with each other.  Their about page is great as it appears the exact same as their publications page. It states their core values and talks about why they do what they do. They also incorporate many moving elements to help show that they are a company focused on creativity and the pursuit of knowledge. 


Zendesks page is people focused and has a casual feel to it. They talk first about their company culture and that they are people focused before diving into the numbers and their success. They also incorporate moving elements to help tell their brand story. 


Twitter has a unique spin on about us pages as they are very concise. They say exactly what it is they do in just one statement. They then provide links to their values regarding privacy, healthy topics, and their civic integrity. They focus on their branding and include moving images of Tweets that provide a look into their product. 


Chubbies takes authenticity to new heights. They showcase images of real people wearing their products and lead with their backstory and values. It’s a page that has a people first focus which is part of their mission and values. 


Allbirds is a simple about us page that uses short phrases to state what they do. They also lead with their founder’s story that they tell in the third person. To avoid sounding too stiff and full of themselves they use short copy elements to keep the conversation light. 


4Ocean’s about us page is exactly what you’d expect from a mission focused company. They clearly state their mission statement and what they are hoping to achieve for the world and humanity. They use imagery to show what they do and how it’s helping save the world. 


Yeti’s page focuses primarily on storytelling and their founder story. They take you through all the stories of their team and what Yeti does outside of selling coolers and gear. They are a company that is focused on telling their story and allowing others to see that and resonate with it.


This about us page takes a new approach with storytelling. They use plenty of imagery to show their production process and behind the scenes of what goes into their products. They’re a company that values transparency and stating their mission to their viewers.

Iya Foods

Iya makes it easy to know exactly what they do with their header copy. They are a company focused on delivering their mission and providing people with better food with better ingredients. They talk about their mission and provide proof of what they do and how it helps.

Buck Mason

A menswear brand that is focused primarily on their founder story. This works for Buck Mason as the two founders are the driving force behind the brand. They talk about why they created the company and their mission. They use a lot of imagery which makes sense for a fashion brand.


MailChimps about us page leads with expressing their commitment to helping small businesses and their community. It briefly talks about their 20 years of existence and goes on to explain their company culture and their desire to educate people on small business. It’s a great page that ties in all the key elements of an about us page and is designed very well to help tell the brand story.

The Takeaway

The goal of your about page is to showcase who you are, what you do, and why you do it. The more you can portray yourself as a hard working, honest, and driven company the better you will be able to sell yourself to clients. Be sure to focus on the key elements that we discussed in the beginning and always keep working to improve upon your mission and how you showcase yourself to your website visitors.