9 Tips on How to Be More Productive - Astute

Working strategies, physical condition, environment, personal habits, and mentality all play an integral role in your productivity. Motivating yourself to get things done can often be challenging. Even the most successful people need a little inspiration to keep moving forward. Overcoming challenges and optimizing your talents, time, and productivity can make a huge difference in how much you get done. Ultimately, how you organize your workday can broadly impact your work efficiency. Here are some helpful tips on how to be more productive throughout the day. 

Productivity Tips 

1. Stay Organized

If you don’t have a clear system to organize tasks and calendar events, you won’t accomplish as much throughout your workday. Staying organized requires you to establish a system that works best for you. It’s also essential to regularly maintain that organization to keep up with your workflow

2. Tackle Your Hardest Task First 

Specific tasks are more complex, stressful, and require more commitment to follow through than others. Therefore, it’s best to work on these more challenging tasks earlier in the day when your mental energy is higher. 

3. Focus on Quality, Not Quantity

People often hyperfocus on completing more tasks, thinking it leads to a higher rate of accomplishment. However, you should focus on the quality of your work over quantity. It’s better to spend more time on one project and do it well than rush through a lot of small, mundane tasks. 

4. Work in a New Environment 

It can feel dull and repetitive to work in the same space every day. If you normally work from home or at an office desk, try working from your local coffee shop. A change of scenery has psychological benefits and can make a huge difference in your productivity. 

5. Automate Simple Tasks

Small, simple tasks might seem like they don’t take too much time, but they add up throughout the workweek. Automating these tasks allows you to maximize that time for other high-priority tasks and projects. 

6. Establish Communication Times

It’s no surprise that emails, chat messages, and phone calls can get overwhelming. When your inbox or chat messages start to fill up, you might find yourself dropping everything you’re doing to be available to others. As a result, you lose valuable time in your workday that you could be spending on other tasks. Designate specific communication hours to avoid any distractions and stay on track with your workload. 

7. Keep Your Meetings on Schedule

Meetings often segway off-topic, which can ultimately drag them out longer than they need to be. Ensure that you keep your sessions on a strict schedule, define what you want to accomplish, and have a list of discussion points to avoid deviating from the plan. If the meeting does stray from the original agenda, be sure to steer the conversation back to its original goals. 

8. Take Multiple Breaks

Taking multiple breaks throughout the workday allows you to decompress, reduce your stress levels, and let your mind wander. As a result, you can return to work with a fresh mind, feeling more focused. Breaks also help you creatively solve more problems, especially ones that might have been challenging to begin with. 

9. End Each Day on a High Note

You can build good momentum and channel it into the next day when you end each day on a high note. Depending on your role and personal preferences, this could mean finishing a challenging task, perfecting a new skill, or learning something new. Additionally, you’ll be excited to come to work each day and feel more prepared to work hard. 

The Takeaway

There are so many strategies how to be more productive in the workplace. These helpful tips for organizing your day and completing tasks and projects can improve work efficiency and allow you to get more done. Not to mention, these productivity tips will help you feel physically and mentally better throughout your day.