logo design

Designing a logo to fit your brand is an exciting part of the branding process. If you’re looking to get started with building a logo for your brand you’ll need to spend some time thinking about how you want to portray your brand, and how you want your brand to speak about your company. More specifically, how well does your logo speak for your brand?

Where To Get Started Designing Your Logo?

One of the best ways to get started with designing a logo is to think about the story behind your company. Research has shown that most consumers want to give their money to a company that they can sympathize with. By focusing on the story your company is telling, you can more easily form an idea of what you want your logo to say about you. Very rarely do companies have an image of their products as a logo, they usually have some sort of symbol or design that draws your attention and makes consumers wonder what that company is about.

A good way to think about it is if your business was a movie, what would the logo for that movie look like?

Tap Into The Archetype of Your Brand

When doing branding for your company it’s always important to think about what type of brand you are. One good way to do that is by understanding the different types of Jungian archetypes and where you fit in. Are you a jester brand that is laid back and out there? Or are you a hero brand that is more conservative and professional? Regardless of what archetype you are, understanding them and the one you best fit can be a great way to help you design your logo.

Come Up With Some Words That Describe Your Business

Once you have your brand’s story visualized, and you’ve established the archetype of your brand, try coming up with some words that help describe your business. For example, if your company sells shoes then type “shoes” into a thesaurus and pick 7-10 words that you think align with your brand story. 

Once you have these words chosen it’s time to start sketching out some ideas. By combining the story of your brand with your keywords you can begin to visualize a symbol that ties in what your company does and who your company is. You should come up with roughly four or so sketches to test out with your brand persona.

Refine Your Sketches

Once you’ve picked the right sketch it’s time to design it. You can either hire an outside designer, or try to use a free tool such as Logo Crisp, Looka, or GraphicSprings. When thinking about designing your logo, it’s best to hire a dedicated designer to help create it. They have a more focused skill set that can allow them to better visualize and bring your ideas to life. Plus they can help give you an outside perspective of how your brand is already viewed and give you tips for how to adjust that through your branding efforts.

After you’ve gotten your logo designed be sure to add it to every platform for one unified brand persona. You’ll want to update social media accounts, websites, marketing materials, etc. to be sure that every message your company sends is fully in line with your overall branding efforts. 

The Takeaway

The main takeaway is that designing a logo is an incredibly important facet of your branding efforts and it demands a certain level of involvement to create. By focusing on what story you want your brand to tell and how you want to tell it will help you create a logo that speaks volumes about who your company is and what you’re all about. It’s also best to remember that hiring an outside designer to handle your logo design and branding is always the better choice. They can provide you with more than just strong artwork and help you dial in your branding efforts.