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For most businesses, the company website is the most visited storefront and has the potential to be the company’s most persuasive salesperson. In addition to design, layout, and search engine rankings, the success of your website is also heavily dependent on the copy.

The copy on your website needs to do more than simply describe your business and products. Since the ultimate purpose of website copy is to convert web visitors into customers, every block of text must be impactful, compelling, and written with your brand voice in mind.


Here are 6 tips to help you transform ordinary website copy into copy that can help you grow your business.


1. Address your clients’ needs.

Make sure that all of your website copy is focused on your customer, not on you. Instead of simply itemizing everything that your business offers, describe how your business offerings will benefit your customers. Also, try to replace “we” or “I” statements with statements that utilize the pronoun “you.”


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2. Create skimmable copy.

With limited attention spans and hectic schedules, most people do not have the time or patience to sift through lengthy paragraphs to locate a few pertinent details. Use descriptive headlines, subheadings, visuals, bullet points, short sentences, and other formatting and writing techniques so that web visitors can effortlessly understand your business and navigate your website.


3. Use the active voice, and powerful verbs.

Construct copy in which the subject of sentences performs an action, instead of the subject receiving an action. It is equally important to select powerful verbs for your sentences. While every sentence does not need to be epic, every block of text should have a lasting effect on readers. If your sentences read like an instruction manual, start making revisions by replacing humdrum verbs with more imaginative action words, and also swap the passive voice for the active voice.

Active Voice: Our marketing department wrote the book.

Passive Voice: The book was written by our marketing department.


4. Be conversational.

Write with a style that feels natural to read, and is easy to understand. If your sentences are long and contain technical jargon, you will lose many readers who are looking for quick and easy information. Pretend that your customers are standing in front of you when you write. If you wouldn’t speak the way you write, then your writing needs to be softened to have a more human touch.


5. Include a call-to-action.

Every page on your website should feature at least one button, phrase, or sentence that inspires visitors to take action. Whether it is a button that says, “click to buy,” or a hyperlinked invitation to “download the eBook,” always entice visitors to take the relationship to the next level.


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6. Stand out from the competition.

Investigate all of your competitors to ensure that your web copy emphasizes the characteristics that make your business special. Also, write copy that has a distinct voice and unique personality. Your business must stand out from the pack of competitors to really make a dent in the marketplace.


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