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We’ve done the deep dive so you don’t have to. Our team of search engine experts has the technical and strategic chops to ensure we help you achieve your SEO goals. From technical, content, off-site and on-site, we have extensive expertise in optimizing websites to rank in search engines.

Search Engine Optimization is perhaps the most misunderstood practice in marketing today. Is it Black Magic? Snake Oil? Does SEO work? With so much noise out there, let Astute Communications be the signal.

We’ve had countless conversations with business owners and marketing managers that have been misled when it comes to SEO. Instead of double talk and jargon-filled conversations, we are interested in honest and open communication that will empower our clients.

a winning formula

We take a holistic approach to SEO because search engines take a holistic approach to ranking your website.


Did you know that Google currently has over 200 ranking factors that they consider when determining where to rank your website for a search query? What do they look for? In a word, everything. Everything from how fast your site loads (site speed) to the quality of your on-page content. From social rankings to off-site optimization. Google’s crawlers do a thorough and complete rundown of your website to determine how and where it should rank for a search query.


So the question you should ask yourself is this: If an agency isn’t fluent in web development and content creation, how can they rank your site when SEO is interconnected to those processes?


Want to know more about how SEO works? Just click that link to read our in-depth SEO review to understand our full playbook, and get in touch with us to get started with an agency partner you can trust!

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Behind this beautifully designed website is a team of marketing experts ready to take your business to new heights. We’re proud to be an official Google Partner.