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Creating a voice for your brand or organization has never been more important than in today’s busy world. Your brand voice affects the way clients and employees view your company - both now and as it continues to grow.

In order to make strategic messaging recommendations, we navigate market research, in-person workshops, and in-depth brand auditing. 

Brand messaging architecture should contain elements such as “mantras” or “rallying cries” that are definitive of your particular company. It will also consist of a section called “always and never,” which selects different traits, words and phrases that employees of your company will try to “always” uphold and those that your company will try to “never” be.

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Market Research and Independent Strategy 

Astute Communications works independently to assess the competitive landscape of your industry and strives to help your company find a competitive space. We develop a unique voice and company persona to separate your business from the rest.


In-Person Workshops 

These workshops are essential to discovering the “who” of your company. We love spending time with our clients and getting to know the ins and outs of their industries.



During in-person strategy sessions, we draft goals, priorities, and messaging plans. We will then compile this information into a comprehensive brand guidelines document to ensure that your brand is kept consistent as time passes. We will identify an ideal employee persona as well as an ideal client persona. This will be informed by data collected regarding your company’s target audience. The employee profile will be based on internal ideals, mantras, and company culture.

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