Understanding Brand Voice and Why It Matters - Astute Communications

Brand voice is a critical element to growing and maintaining a loyal audience base. It should accurately represent your company and what you can offer to potential customers. Brand voice is present across every touchpoint of your online presence. It plays a significant role in connecting all of the elements to inform your brand communication. Once you understand what it is and why it matters, you can create a more effective marketing strategy. 

What Is Brand Voice?

Brand voice is a distinct personality that informs how you communicate with your audience. When people hear “branding,” they often think of design, colors, and logos. However, brand voice and tone are critical elements of the process that get commonly overlooked. Voice and tone help humanize your brand and make it more recognizable. This persona allows you to provide your audience with a memorable experience. 

Why Is It Important?

There is so much competition in today’s digital landscape. Brand voice allows you to break through the noise and stand out in the market. Visual presence is essential, but it can only take you so far. Your brand voice allows you to uniquely tell your story and encourage people to engage with your brand. Here are three reasons why it is essential. 

1. It shapes your company’s persona 

How you present yourself is extremely important. Many customers will lose interest and unfollow a brand if it is not authentic or providing relevant content that matches their image and style. Your brand reflects your value proposition and core values. Remaining true to who you are and effectively communicating your brand’s “who” and “why” will help you gain loyal customers. 

2. It speaks the language of your audience 

People want to connect with brands emotionally. To do so, you must speak your audience’s language, and brand voice allows you to bridge that gap. To find your brand voice, you must first understand your intent and tone. Then, you should narrow down its time, place, and intent to ensure a more significant impact.

3. It creates consistency 

One of the primary motivators of any brand should be consistency. Every element of your brand is utilized to maintain consistency across your online presence. Additionally, it provides a clean, professional image and showcases that you know your brand and what it stands for. Voice and tone play an integral role in all of your brand elements, including content, personality, and storytelling. 

The Takeaway

Brand voice is the arc that shapes your entire brand, so it needs to be authentic, consistent, and effective. It is essential to ensure that it accurately reflects your image and how you want to be perceived. By creating a unique brand voice, you establish a personality that will encourage people to engage and turn prospects into loyal customers. You should avoid trying to be everything to everybody. The more you flesh it out, the more effective your marketing strategy will be in connecting with the right audiences and achieving your business goals.