Social Media Platforms You Should Be Advertising On - Astute Communications

Every year, it seems like a new form of social media is making its way onto the scene. As more people flock to these rising social platforms, advertisers can leverage this to reach a wider audience. Whether you’ve used social media advertising before to supplement your marketing efforts or if it makes up your entire strategy, advertising on a few popular platforms can significantly help your marketing mix. 

Where Is The Best Place To Advertise On Social Media?

The most obvious answer is Facebook and Instagram. Facebook retains over 2.1 billion users, and Instagram has over 1.8 billion. Facebook offers a simple way to advertise on their platform with Facebook Business Manager. This tool allows you to set up campaigns quickly and easily. They also offer you the opportunity to advertise on Instagram through the Facebook Business Manager tool. While Facebook is still the king of social media advertising due to its massive user base, some up-and-coming platforms are Tik Tok, Reddit, and more. 

New Platforms to Advertise Online

Tik Tok

Recently, Tik Tok has become a widely popular social media platform for people ages 18-35. It’s a video-sharing platform where users can create and share short videos of themselves dancing, singing, and more. Tik Tok has roughly 690 million monthly users within this younger demographic, making it a great place to reach that target market. 

The type of ads that run on Tik Tok is also creative videos, which prevent the ads from being too intrusive on the user’s feed while still capturing their attention. These ads can run for up to one minute and show up throughout the user’s feed. These ads can also focus on different interest groups such as DIY tutorials, music, art, and more. Targeting specific interests on Tik Tok ensures you reach people who have shown interest related to your product. Additionally, Tik Tok advertising is relatively affordable since you only pay when someone clicks on your advertisement’s call to action.


Reddit has been around for a while but recently gained popularity to interact with like-minded people and discuss topics on different forums. With over 430 million monthly users, Reddit is a great place to reach users across various demographics.

The types of ads that run on Reddit come in unique ways. General text ads focus on getting people to interact with ad copy, video ads that act as short commercials, and display ads that showcase an image or video to help grab users’ attention scrolling through the site. What makes Reddit a great place to advertise is the dedication of its users. It’s notorious for having a passionate user base who are active in its forums. By targeting specific interest groups with your Reddit ads, you’ll likely have some substantial success grabbing the attention of users who already show an interest in your industry.


Last but not least, Pinterest is another excellent platform to help you reach more people. With 448 million users, Pinterest allows people to discover different ideas for home decor, art, recipes, and more. Users search different interests on Pinterest and can be served ads between posts similar to any other social platform. Pinterest’s primary demographic is typically between 25-55-year-olds and primarily women. 

Typically, ads on Pinterest are display ads that showcase a creative image or video about a specific product or industry. Most often, Pinterest ads are used to showcase new products for home decoration, kitchenware, art, and more. Pinterest allows advertisers to target specific interest groups that their advertisement falls under. For instance, a person who sells handmade rocking chairs might have their ads shown among posts that fall under “outdoor furniture” or something similar. 

The Takeaway

If you’re looking to maximize your marketing efforts to help sell products, gain leads, or increase website traffic, you should consider advertising on some of these social media platforms. You might be surprised by how simple, effective, and budget-friendly these platforms can be.