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Whether you’re just starting out in your business or are 20 years in and thriving, continuing to evolve your brand is important in ensuring the vitality of your business. There are several routes to take when you decide to delegate the tasks associated with developing your company. Major investments like a custom website, digital advertising, or even a complete brand overhaul are huge decisions and ones that you should make based on your company’s specific needs.

Option one: you can hire one or several employees to your team. There is something to be said about having a team solely dedicated to you, but this option can create exponentially more expenses. Option two: you can hire an individual freelancer, who is skillful, but likely juggling many different clients at once. Or, you can hire an agency to fill your needs. There are many pros and cons to each option depending on your individual circumstances. In this blog, we’re highlighting the benefits of working with an agency. Keep reading to find out if hiring an agency is the right move for you!

1. More time for you to focus on your business. 

Put simply, entrusting an agency opens up more time for you to do what you do best: run your business. If you have the financial resources to hire an agency, you likely have enough going on to take up your time. Overextending yourself can lead to burnout and poor productivity, so letting someone else take the wheel may actually open up opportunities to grow your business that you didn’t have the time for previously! Don’t think of it as handing over the keys. Working with an agency is like hiring a navigator — we’re right there every step of the way to answer your questions and pave the way for the future of your business. 

2. Gain new perspectives 

Changing your surroundings leads to different ways of thinking, and consequently, the development of new ideas. Working with a team that lives outside of your everyday environment can help you to see things about your business that you maybe didn’t recognize before. The onboarding process alone is an in-depth analysis of your brand standings which can open your eyes up to potential opportunities that you may have been missing!  

3. Experience 

Agencies work with many different types of clients. Any given agency may have experience working with an eclectic mix of industries. Healthcare, construction, hospitality, retail, fine art — we’ve seen it all. It may be intuitive to think that working with someone who solely works in your industry is the route to go, but you may be unknowingly missing out on insights that come from working with multiple industries. An agency often provides a well-rounded perspective on problem-solving and can often lead to more innovative solutions. 

4. A dedicated team of experts

Collaborative thinking is a beautiful thing. Agencies have the resources to devote tremendous time and effort to your business. We’re a team of experts who love to get our hands dirty and solve problems in unique ways. We compare notes, bounce ideas off of each other, and check each other’s work and then check it again. This level of creative thinking and teamwork is incredibly valuable and unlike most traditional office environments. How often does your office get creative just for the sake of creativity?

5. No long term commitment 

Hiring an employee is a huge responsibility and requires you to think in the long term. Although we truly love working with our clients for years at a time, hiring an agency isn’t exactly a marriage proposal. There is tremendous value in being able to contract a team for a single project with a deadline in mind. You get what you need with no expectation of continued employment. Plus, it gives you time to build a relationship with the team, and then you can come back to them as needed if it’s a great fit! We’re always thrilled to see a familiar face!

6. The “extras”

We’ve been around the block a time or two, so we know what you need. We already have all the tools in place — vendors, software, contacts, all the time-consuming details — we’ve got it covered. The tedious documents that require hours on end and meticulous attention to detail — we do that too. Brand guides, strategies, content calendars. We package everything nicely and neatly so that your team can continue to benefit from the engagement for years to come.   
Ready to make an investment in your business? We’re always excited to chat about a new project! In the meantime, check out this case study on one of our favorite branding projects! 



written by Caitlin Rostampour