Client Spotlight: Fit Farm - Astute Communications

The Client

Just outside Nashville, TN in scenic Castalian Springs, Fit Farm provides an all-inclusive wellness experience on their sprawling, 200-acre property.

Fit Farm’s all-star team of certified personal trainers, nutritionists, and wellness specialists welcomes anyone wanting to take control of their health and wellness — no matter where they are on their fitness journey.

Their beautiful property immerses visitors in nature alongside 12 exclusive training areas, private cabins, a swimming pool, a garden, and a modern lodge, cultivating a warm, supportive environment for its guests and staff. 

The Problem

The experience you get at Fit Farm is unlike one you would get anywhere else. This wellness-centered retreat provides guests with every comfort and amenity they could need — all with the promise of an improved life.

The founders of Fit Farm created an off-the-grid oasis for anyone who wants to take time out to focus on themselves and get their healthy lifestyle back on track (or started in the first place!).

They laid the groundwork with an amazing guest experience and even captured some well-deserved national media attention, but continued to struggle with telling their story effectively through online advertising.

When they came to us to expand their customer reach through digital marketing, we laced up our sneakers and worked out a plan. 

Our Solution

Our first step was important — getting to know the client down to the core of who they are. We conducted extensive research on their current standing online and an extensive Q&A with their team to gather as much data as possible on their past efforts. 

Step two was a fun one! Our team took a trip to their property to experience the Fit Farm program ourselves, and we were blown away. The property is gorgeous, the people welcoming, and the amenities top-notch. We couldn’t wait to spread the word.

After we got a real feel of what the Fit Farm brand was all about, our team of digital marketing experts then took the baton and developed a strategy of research, testing, data collection, and refinement to maximize the return on their investment. 

To introduce new audiences to the life-changing benefits of the Fit Farm experience, we allocated a budget to search and social media advertising campaigns. We pinpointed target audiences to refine our approach and bring in only those most likely to turn into actual customers, minimizing wasted ad spend. 

We were thrilled to see immediate success, and have continued to improve performance and surpass our KPIs for this project — and to have helped bring more people in to experience Fit Farm’s amazing program.

Google Ads Performance Improvements

When the Google Ads account was handed off from a large, industry-leading management platform to Astute, they had an average conversion rate of only 1.81%.

Through strategic targeting, A/B testing, and the ongoing refinement of ads and custom landing pages, we have improved the average conversion rate to 6.58%.

Our hands-on approach to ad management has allowed us to reduce Fit Farm’s cost per lead by an astounding 69% with an increased lead volume of 194%!