Working in digital marketing can be pretty demanding sometimes. Whether you’re doing technical SEO to improve a website, restructuring your PPC ad campaigns, or writing some content pieces to improve site rankings, it takes a lot of focus to make sure everything is done correctly and on time. This is exactly why every now and then you need some laughs to break away from the grind of the workday and refresh your brain. 

In this week’s blog, we’re taking a break from the action with 30 digital marketing jokes that are sure to leave an impression. If you start to get lost in the weeds with some of these zingers, be sure to get a refresher course on SEO and PPC terms so these jokes don’t bounce. Without further ado, please enjoy our list of digital marketing jokes:


1. My latest backlinks started taking out restraining orders…

I’m beginning to think they weren’t do-follow links


2. Why did the junior marketing manager get into display ads?

They wanted to make a lasting impression


3. What’s a movie director’s favorite piece of a search ad?

The call to ACTION!


4. I tried to check into room 404 at the hotel this evening…

I couldn’t find it


5. What’s the ultimate way to build a comprehensive keywords list?

Add Words


6. Google’s Algorithm: “Who are you SERPosed to be?”

Search Result #11: “You’re not funny”


7. Where’s the best place to hide the evidence?

Page 2 of Google


8. Why was Mr. Match-Type feeling so down?

He was surrounded by Negative Keywords


9. Why does it take PPC managers so long to get to work?

They can’t help but create all this traffic


10. Why did the front-end developer buy the flat under theirs?

They always wanted a sub-domain


11. How do Jedi manage to get leads?

They use the Sales Force


12. Why did the digital marketer get dumped?

A serious lack of engagement


13. What do you call a landing page on the beach?

A Destination URL


14. What do SEO professionals see when they see twins?

Duplicate Content


15. People are terrified of my websites…

That’s what I call Domain Authority


16. Why do digital marketers make bad tap dancers?

They expect to be paid per click


17. Why are digital marketers afraid of the trampoline?

They don’t want their bounce rate getting too high


18. What do hippies and SEO’s have in common?

Their love for all things organic


19. What’s a marketer’s favorite drink?



20. The digital marketing manager deleted their Facebook Business Manager account… 

They’re pretty Anti-Socials


21. What pick-up line did the PPC say to the SEO?

Have you ever thought of doing any attribution modeling?


22. Finally settled in with my new role at the PPC agency…

We just clicked


23. Why did the fire starter have such a hard time with PPC?

He had trouble picking his match types


24. The soccer team we run ads for called…

They said they wanted more goals set up… they’re also tired of the penalties


25. What is a black hat SEO’s favorite kind of food?



26. The Food Network mentioned “turkey” on their homepage 100+ times…

Talk about keyword stuffing


27. What does an SEO call a set of wedding rings?

Reciprocal Links


28. What’s a digital marketer’s favorite kind of cake?



29. Why do content marketers love the mountains?

They love the amount of evergreens 


30. Just got off the phone with the pastor…

They need help improving conversion rates

The Takeaway

There you have it, our list of 30 SEO and PPC jokes that hopefully made you laugh or at least roll your eyes. If you are interested in learning more about search engine optimization, pay-per-click advertising, or digital marketing in general, head over to our blog. To learn more about Astute Communications and how we can help your business, check out our services or give us a call.


– written by Jonah Ericksen