The Client

Onward MBH, the alumni program at The Meadows Behavioral Healthcare, is a program designed to help those who have undergone treatment at The Meadows to continue on their lifelong journey of recovery. Onward exists to provide all alumni of The Meadows with ongoing resources and community to empower them to continue the work they began in treatment. They have a smartphone app available for alumni and offer retreats across the country to connect with other alumni and be a part of The Meadows community. 

The Project

This coming Fall, Onward is hosting a series of events and retreats for all of their alumni in various US locations. Past guests are welcome to attend the event and experience three full days of reconnecting. As they prepared to kick off their retreats, the Onward team engaged us in developing event-specific branding and a series of notices to share with alumni about the upcoming retreats.

Our Solution

We began our work based on the thematic direction provided by the team at Onward. They determined that the first retreat would be called “Reconnect” and would center around coming back together after the period of intense isolation dictated by the global pandemic, COVID-19. Community is a key component of successful recovery, making isolation particularly difficult for those in recovery from addiction.

MBH Onward Reconnect Logo - Astute Communications   

The Onward team has planned an exceptional experience to bring their alumni back together in person, and we wanted to make sure that was clear from the first notice people received about the retreat. The design for the event included a bright color pattern invoking a feeling of warmth. Our team married thematic elements of reconnection with elements tying in the beautiful authentically southwestern-styled resort hotel where the retreat will be hosted. We created a one-page notice bringing all of these elements together and sharing important information about location and booking. 

Reconnect is the first of a series of retreats Onward MBH will be hosting. It’s been a fun and gratifying design process, and we’re excited to continue our relationship with The Meadows Behavioral Healthcare.

The Meadows Onward Retreat Flyer