How can I turn visitors into customers and clicks into conversions? How do the goals that I have for my website align with the goals of my potential customers? How can I make this the best experience for the user? Knowing your audience is crucial for user experience. So what does user experience actually cover? It is more than just functionality. It can involve such a deep understanding of your user that you anticipate his/her desired needs, abilities, limitations and expectations. By fleshing out what the ideal user experience looks like, you will be able to optimize your conversation rate for an increased return on investment.

Your conversion rate is how frequently your users have completed a desired action, or “converted”. A conversion can be anything from purchasing a product, signing up for an email newsletter, sharing content via social media, etc–basically, any user action you have identified as a priority for your website. Your overall goal in creating an ideal user experience is to encourage conversions from every unique visitor to your site. If you are getting a high traffic volume but not achieving the conversion rates you anticipated, it is likely that your goals and your customer’s goals are not aligned.

This is why it is crucial to think about your users from the beginning. You can’t begin to theorize about how they’re going to behave without trying to understand them and their goals.

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