Welcome back to “From Discovery to Design: 5 Crucial Steps for Planning Your Website.” This is the second segment of our 5-part series detailing the web design process. We continue our conversation from last week between podcaster Clark Buckner and our owner, Anna Stout, about the creation of a user acquisition funnel and how this increases the conversion rate for your website.

Since listening to segment 1, you should have a clear picture of the goals set by yourself and your web design team. These goals should define the desired user experience, sitemap, and metrics you wish to gain from the completed site. These goals are going to then help you to define your customer acquisition tunnel.

In this segment, you will learn the importance of properly planning your acquisition funnel before the launch of your website. It is important to remember your part in guiding users through your site. After this segment, you should be able to attend your next web design meeting with a clear plan in mind for how to convert users, which will put you worlds ahead when your site is completed.

Thank you for tuning in this week and make sure to check back in next Monday for Segment 3 – The Importance of Content. We will explore the different ways content is crucial for your website and how to get ahead in the process by having steady, original content.

This Week’s Resource:

Implement the right marketing automation software to support your inbound marketing user acquisition strategy. You can also check out some of the podcasts Clark has produced at TechnologyAdvice.com/Podcast.