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The Power of a Story

Imagine you’re at a dinner party telling a close friend about the brand your company has developed. The way you speak about your company with emotion and passion is the way people should feel about your brand when they come in contact with it. Storytelling for your brand is the best way to reach customers on an emotional level. Even in the construction industry, people are searching for your company and want to know why to choose you over everyone else in this space.

It’s important to incorporate storytelling into your brand strategy through all the different avenues you use to reach your customers. Using storytelling may even bring up some new ways for you to communicate with your audience.


4 ways to reach your customers through storytelling


1. Strategic Blogging

If you are blogging consistently, you might find it challenging to integrate a story into every one of your posts.  You shouldn’t force a story if it is not relevant to your content, however, you should strive to incorporate narratives into your writing as much as possible. Use a story to craft a compelling opening. Close with a memorable anecdote. Or, recapture your audience’s attention in the middle of your content if your post is lengthy. Blogging is a great way to boost your internal SEO efforts and to have a consistent stream of content on your website.


2. Video Marketing

Video is an incredibly popular form of content right now. Video is perfect if your target audience stretches across different age groups. You can connect at an emotional level more effectively than most other forms of content outreach. There are different types of videos you can use when working on your marketing strategy. A showcase video of your projects and team could be a really great way to give potential customers insight into your company and see who you really are.


3. Public Speaking Engagements

Public speaking is a great way to build your credibility, enhance your resume, and make new connections. Don’t waste a public speaking opportunity by delivering a dull presentation. Activate your audience members’ imaginations by telling stories, and skipping bullet points and graphs. Identify stories that can deliver the same messages as your data and main points, and insert your best stories as pivotal moments in your speech. For those in the construction industry, there are some great opportunities to engage with a younger audience through the Construction Leadership Council of AGC of Middle TN or at industry-related conferences.


4. Social Media

Storytelling is the heart and soul of social media marketing. People want social media posts to feel personal, even if the post is from a company profile. Stories have the ability to give a human element and personality to even the most corporate social media profiles.  Instead of only sharing links to your latest blog articles and occasionally alerting your audience when you have a great deal, develop opportunities to share stories with your social media audience.  To keep it simple, you can simply highlight customer experiences with your brand, or share the story of your company’s beginning.


Need Help Telling Your Story?

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