I want to let you in on one of the secrets to successful digital marketing: consistent content creation through blogging.


content creation

Content creation is like building a bridge — it takes time (and may consistently need care and updating) but once it’s done, the traffic is sure to come rolling in.

When you’re building a business, promoting a brand or managing a company’s online presence, content creation is a foolproof way to boost engagement. Whether you’re sharing branded photography, quotes, insights, video or industry news — all are important components of a content marketing strategy plan.



Blogging is a form of content creation that, although often overlooked, can do wonders for your business’ online presence. This type of content creation allows you to give in-depth insight, tell your brand’s story, and share your impressive digital marketing knowledge. Adding blogs to your site provides clients, patients, or customers with a unique look at your employees and your business.

Considering three main subjects — Content & Engagement, Branding & Identity, and Web Design & Visibility — may help you brainstorm and narrow down your next blog topics.


content & engagement

There are many directions to go when crafting a blog about digital content marketing and engagement. Try focusing on one particular social platform and describing the ins-and-outs of producing quality, engaging content on the site or app. For example, write about YouTube-specific marketing techniques, reveal how to successfully navigate the Instagram algorithm, or compare LinkedIn and Twitter by sharing which works better for your company.

In addition, sharing content creation tips, blog topic ideas (sound familiar?) and five reasons why a business should blog will definitely capture your audience’s attention — and help you brainstorm for next week’s post.


branding & identity

So much goes into creating a unique and memorable brand. Because of this, the topics under this category are endless. First, write a blog on how to create a superb logo, or what brand archetypes are. Research how color can influence audiences, or the importance of cultivating positive company culture. Next, create a post about what it takes to rebrand a company, or how to know if your company should consider a rebranding. Conduct a case study on a big-name brand or well known campaign.

Get creative! Write about branding and marketing through the ages, or how personality tests can reveal so much about the identities of employees and team members.


web design & visibility

Lastly, blogging about web design and SEO can be a bit more challenging. Creating posts under this category require in-depth knowledge of google analytics and search engine optimization. Write about SEO KPIs, schema markup, and the importance of local SEO and search engine ranking factors. Get down to basics: How should a beginner tackle SEO? How long does SEO take? How does one begin to understand SEO lingo? What are the tools available for SEO? Furthermore, take a look at SEO trends and explain. These topics are sure to receive heavy traffic from readers who want to learn more about this advance aspect of digital marketing.

Lastly, feature websites that inspire your company and discuss what works or doesn’t work about each one.


Business blogging can be an important part of the content creation bridge. If you’re in need of traffic quickly, give it a try — you’ll probably learn something new in the process. It’s a win-win.

Another win-win: Now I have some great ideas for my next blog post. I hope you do, too.


-Written by Lily Tillman