Do You Need a Rebrand? Astute Communications is a digital marketing agency in Nashville, TN.

Unless your product or service is remarkably niche and innovative, it is essential to create a compelling brand that is visually pleasing and consistent on every level. Messaging, advertising, imaging, and company mission have to be on point. Businesses must be self-assured in the modern climate.

Not every company is in dire need of a rebrand, but many companies would see a great deal more engagement and business if they were to go down that path.

Our goal: to encourage company confidence. When you go out, we want you to look damn good doing it.


Here are a few questions to ask yourself when considering whether or not your company is due for a rebrand:


1. How’s your logo?

Can you change the size without losing resolution? Do you have a version with a transparent background? Please, tell us it doesn’t use a gradient. It’s probably time to upgrade your resolution and build out an assets folder so you have all of the versions of your logo in one place. Just so you know, we’ve got a kick butt design team.


In Summary: Your logo needs to stay pliable so it can bend to every beck and call.


2. How’s your website?

No excuses – your website must be designed and developed to maximize online visibility and user experience (UX). Do you get customer complaints about your user interface? Is it hard to find a point of contact, links to your socials, or a lead page? Does it fit the screen? Is it mobile friendly? Websites and Social Media Outlets are the primary method of reaching and communicating with your audience, who are always on the go. It is essential to have these outlets be well-oiled-marketing-machines, as well as an elegant and high-functioning mobile site experience.


In Summary: Your site needs to communicate your vision and be easy to navigate on any device.


3. How well is your “vision” executed?

Does your logo, company voice, imaging, and overall brand experience align with what you set out to do? Does it adequately differentiate itself from the claustrophobic competitive marketplace? It might be time to pick your own lane, and strategic branding can be the vehicle to get you there. Communicate with your audience in a way that will effectively reach them at a human level. We can help you there.


In Summary: Do all extensions of your company represent your core values.


We want to help tell your story. Contact us if you think you’re due for rebrand your business, we’d love to talk to you.