Branding and Identity Overview

At Astute Communications, we know that it’s impossible not to judge a book by its cover. So, what do we suggest? Make a great cover, then support it with a thoughtful, consistent, and engaging story.

Design speaks volumes in our hyper-visual culture. We want to coherently tell the story of your company, as well as craft messaging/images to position your brand uniquely in the competitive marketplace.

We offer thoughtful, strategic solutions to company identity crises and missed marketing opportunities. To do this, we use Archetypal Analysis and workshops to effectively communicate our findings with you. Additionally, we identify what your competitors are doing to keep you in your own lane. Trust us, customers love a self-actualized brand.

We love this part of the job because it enables us to push ourselves into new creative terrain, and who wants to stay in their comfort zone? We look forward to the opportunity to grow alongside you.

We offer the following services: Brand/Logo Development, Tone and Voice Refinement, Collateral Materials, and Advertising Design — making us an efficient destination for anyone who needs a rebrand. Unsure whether or not you qualify? Contact us today!

Branding and Identity Services

Brand Messaging
Collateral Materials
Brand/Logo Development

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