The Lover Archetype

The Lover brand archetype is about creating relationships and evoking emotions. Lovers are always looking for ways to make others feel special and to meet their needs. Brands who identify with this particular archetype like to celebrate the physical joys of being human, fostering intimacy and bliss in their consumers. But don’t let the name mislead you; it’s not just about romance. The Lover encapsulates all types of love including parental, friendships, familial, spiritual, and of course, romantic.

More than anything, the Lover archetype wants to achieve intimacy through close relationships, and create a special feeling in others. Developing connections with people around them, the lover is passionate and unashamed in fostering relationships and expressing appreciation. They value helping people find love and friendship through beauty, communication, and closeness. 

  • Goal: Build loving and committed relationships with people
  • Desire: Connection
  • Fear: Being unloved or rejected; 
  • Strategy: To be desired and attract others

The Lover archetype in practice

This archetype consists of customers who value aesthetic and appearance. They are likely to be drawn to premium brands that will make them seem more attractive to others. The Lovers are generally concerned with their overall perception by others as well. The focus on aesthetics means a high-class presentation, and simply being functional isn’t nearly enough for this archetype. Most lover archetypes are commonly adopted by indulgent food and drink, as well as within the beauty, fashion, and cosmetics industry. 

Brands that are this type typically express their identity in a few different ways. They use passionate, adjective rich language and word choices. This draws customers in, making them feel a sense of affection from the brand. Colors like deep red, pink, and gold tend to be used often in order to create a strong visual appeal. Combining these elements into ads and such creates a strong emotional response and connection in the customer. 

The aim of the Lover archetype is to make customers feel attractive and accepted. Ads will typically focus on how the product or service makes the customer feel. There is also a sensual aspect that the Lover represents. Anything that pleasures the senses – beautiful things, enticing smells, indulgent foods – give joy and delight to the Lover.

Levels of the Lover Archetype

Each archetype can be experienced or expressed at different levels. The lower levels are less mature while higher levels are more developed.

Level 1 of the Lover archetype is pretty surface level, in terms of intimacy. This is where we find the more casual fling type relationships. Connections may be established, but they are not truly intimate or personal. 

Level 2 of the Lover is about establishing commitment and forming deeper attachments with who and what we love. These are the relationships where we start to find fulfillment.

Level 3 is the most intense and brings us to a spiritual love. Wholeness and connection are both fulfilled and extended towards everyone. 

Examples of Lover brands


Chanel’s mission statement is “To be the ultimate house of luxury, defining style and creating desire, now and forever.” Chanel encapsulates deep attachment and intimacy through their brand, making them a perfect example for the Lover archetype. This commercial reveals the aesthetic that this archetype is known for. 


Hallmark’s mission is “Dedicated to creating a more emotionally connected world and making a difference in the lives of others.” The emphasis on connection and changing lives is a key representation of the lover. This commercial is a prime example of how this archetype emphasizes all types of relationships, including family.


Haagen Dazs

The HaagenDazs slogan is “Made like no other” only using the finest ingredients and processes to present the best ice cream. This unique aspect of the brand shows care towards whoever eats the product by putting effort into making it the best it can possibly be. This commercial represents an irresistible need for the product. 

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-Written by Reynna Nelson