The Creator archetype is one that is driven by the free flow of creativity–while also staying within certain parameters of control. In this delicate balance, we find different brands and companies that value and promote self-expression, imagination, and outside-the-box thinking. Most companies that fall under The Creator archetype live in the field of art, design, technology, and marketing.

The creator archetype overview

The Creator gives new ideas to the world and creates structure by bringing something that didn’t previously exist into being. Creator archetypes typically receive a great deal of pride and fulfillment from the process of creation as well as the outcome of their work. Artists, writers, and entrepreneurs are all symbols of the Creator. All of which value the creative process and lead lives of self-expression.

Those who fit into this archetype are inherently non-conformists. Creators tend to desire freedom of expression and don’t want to feel stifled by creative parameters or censorship. At the center of the Creator archetype is the act of creating something tangible that has once never existed. This is the outlet that allows the Creator to have control over an otherwise uncontrollable world. 

Goal: To give form to a vision/idea

Desire: To create something of everlasting value

Fear: Having a mediocre vision or execution

Strategy: Develop an artistic or technical skillset

The Creator Archetype in Practice

The Creator is an easy fit for most marketing, technology, or design brands. Typically, any brand that seeks to create something new, from nothing or from something out of date, would fall under the Creator archetype. Brands that are labeled as Creators include Crayola, Sony, Pinterest, and YouTube.

Marketing for a Creator brand is typically very aesthetic and tend to be pieces of artwork in and of themselves. Brands that are product-centered usually convey their product as a piece of artwork to evoke feelings of awe and artistic appreciation. Additionally, the internal culture of a Creator brand places a high value on creativity and innovation.

Typically, the organizational structure of the Creator brand, whether it’s structured or relaxed, always fosters creativity and innovativeness. Collaboration amongst Creators often comes in the form of teamwork and brainstorming sessions. While these meetings stem from a collaborative standpoint, they also promote the autonomy of employees and their individual freedom to create.

Levels of the Creator Archetype

Each of the 12 archetypes has a series of levels to them. The lower the level, the less advanced that brand is. The higher the level, the more developed that brand is.

Level 1: At the lowest level, the Creator is merely just creative. They haven’t breached the area of being truly innovative because their creativity tends to mimic others.

Level 2: Once a Creator can move past limitations and give shape to their own ideas, they start to become authentic. Rather than rely on others’ creativity to shape their own, they start to come up with original ideas and put them into action. 

Level 3: At its highest level, Creators promote true innovativeness and expression. This is the level where they create something that will last and influence society.

Examples of Creator Brands


With products like PhotoShop, InDesign, and Premier, Adobe is the epitome of the Creator archetype. The products themselves are not only creative and innovative, but they foster the same traits within those who use them. 


YouTube expressly states on their site that “creative freedom leads to new voices, formats, and possibilities”. This falls perfectly in line with the Creator archetype due to the fact that they foster the creation of new ideas and possibilities through open expression. 


Pinterest falls in line with the Creator archetype, but mostly on ‘level 1’. They are a social media site that allows people to share ideas for their interests or hobbies. This would fall under a Creator archetype mostly for the promotion of creativity in visitors who use their site.

Where does your brand fit in?

If your brand is constantly pushing for innovative ideas, creativity, and original content, then it most likely falls in line with the Creator archetype. If you feel your brand doesn’t fall in line with the Creator, you can read more about the remaining 11 archetypes to discover where your brand fits in.

Written by Jonah Ericksen