9 Black Friday Marketing Strategies - Astute Communications

Black Friday is the online shopping day of the year, and there’s no more better time than the holiday season for brands to implement fun and unique marketing strategies that will convert customers. Black Friday entices customers with surprising discounts, resulting in enormous sales for businesses. Here are 9 Black Friday marketing strategies that your brand should implement to attract and convert more customers. 

1. Build Your Black Friday Email List 

Email marketing is one of the most valuable tools for maximizing Black Friday. For your email marketing to be effective, you should grow your email list with people interested in upcoming offers on your products and services. To gain more subscribers, you can create an email pop-up on your website a week before to target new visitors who are likely to take advantage of your Black Friday deals. 

2. Create a Unique Subject Line

During Black Friday, you’re battling for your prospects’ attention. Therefore, it’s essential to create a unique subject line that will stand out from competing online stores. When crafting a well-written subject line, add a touch of humor or curiosity to encourage subscribers to open your email and find out what you’re offering. 

3. Experiment with Timing

Thousands of companies compete for people’s attention during Black Friday, and consumers become drained seeing the same types of marketing messages repeatedly. Therefore, it’s important to find an opportune time to break through the noise to reach your customers. Try sending emails or posting on social media at a different time, so your messages don’t get lost in the shuffle of millions of others. There’s no right or wrong strategy, so experiment with different times to find what works best for your business. 

4. Make Your Sale Memorable

Your online store won’t be the only one offering the best deals or fastest delivery during Black Friday. Holiday marketing is just as difficult for consumers to navigate because they have to browse many online stores, make comparisons, and purchase their favorite items at the best price before they sell out. Therefore, it’s essential to develop a Black Friday strategy that will keep your prospects’ attention. 

Brands such as Glossier will send an email to subscribers reminding them of their big sale with an option to add the event to their calendar. Additionally, they add a link to the sale on their website to make your shopping experience smoother. This strategy allows Glossier to stay top of mind and increase its email conversions. This is a simple but effective way to boost your online sales during Black Friday.

5. Leverage the Element of Surprise

Numbers perform well in subject lines, and brands typically include their Black Friday discounts in their emails. However, adding an element of surprise is a smart marketing tactic to help your brand stand out. Try teasing your subscribers with a discount or unique promo code that entices them to open the email. In some cases, you’ll have to wait until checkout to see what the offer is, encouraging people to fill up their cart to unveil their surprise gift. This is an interesting strategy that will increase your email opens and encourage consumers to visit your website and make a purchase. 

6. Offer Additional Customer Benefits

Consumers expect most online stores to offer Black Friday deals, but this is also an opportunity to take it further and offer your customers additional benefits. Some brands will offer customers free shipping and returns or double rewards points. Other brands might offer a free gift with purchase depending on how much you spend. This is an excellent way to increase average order value without hurting your profit margins. 

7. Redefine Black Friday

Some online retailers don’t offer Black Friday deals but use it as an opportunity to promote Cyber Monday instead. Brands such as Chubbies reinvent Black Friday by capitalizing on Cyber Monday with the humorous tagline “Thyber Monday.” They send out a series of emails teasing the holiday and what types of gifts they’ll be offering their customers. Regardless of your brand voice, this is a fun and memorable way to add your own unique spin to Black Friday and evoke curiosity for consumers.

8. Tease Your Next Campaign

Black Friday kicks off the busy holiday season, so it’s a great opportunity to tease your next campaign. Whether Cyber Monday or Christmas, you have another chance to convert potential customers who didn’t make a purchase on Black Friday. No matter your next campaign, Black Friday is the perfect time to make the most of it.  

9. Re-Engage Potential Customers 

Many online retailers struggle with customers abandoning their carts while shopping—especially around the holidays. Many consumers browse a site and load up their cart only to not follow through with a purchase because of expensive product taxes and shipping charges. Since these consumers proved their interest in your brand, Black Friday is an excellent time to re-engage potential customers from the past and remarket your products with new offers. Enticing them with valuable discounts will encourage them to make a purchase.

The Takeaway

Brands always anticipate higher sales and customer engagement during Black Friday. It’s also an excellent opportunity to set your brand apart with unique Black Friday marketing ideas. Utilizing these marketing tactics to develop a Black Friday marketing strategy will evoke curiosity and boost sales while promoting a fun and exciting experience for your customers during the holiday season.