Google Certifications

If you’re a digital marketer who works closely with Google Ads or any other Google programs, getting a certification through Google Skillshop can be very beneficial. Whether you work with Google Ads, Analytics, or any other Google application, getting certified can tremendously help your career and help you achieve your business goals.

Getting a Google Ads Certification

Google Ads certifications are the most well-known and accredited certification that’s offered because they are done through Google’s Skillshop. This is a great certification to get if you’re a digital marketer who works with Google PPC advertising or if you’re looking to learn more about advertising with Google

With the Google Ads certification, you’re able to complete six different assessments that focus on a particular facet of running ads with Google. These modules focus on Display, Search, Video, and more. They contain a study guide, knowledge check, final assessment, and require a score of at least 80% to pass. You’ll need to complete a handful of the six assessments in order to take the final Google Ads assessment. You’ll also want to ensure you have a stable internet connection and take plenty of notes on the study guides. 

Additionally, getting a Google Ads certification can help you gain new clients as it’s a strong trust factor for people looking for someone to manage their Google Ads campaigns. It shows that you’re an expert in your field and have taken the time to learn exactly how to best manage a PPC campaign through Google. 

Is It Worth Getting Certified?

If this is your first time getting acquainted with Google Ads, these certification tests aren’t only worth it but necessary. With Google Ads, many factors play a role in how your ads are running. By understanding everything in the Ads Dashboard and what it does, you’ll be able to run your campaign efficiently and effectively.

Google certifications are also free to learn. They used to require payment but are now available to everyone to learn and apply their knowledge towards improving their campaigns. 

What To Do After Your Google Assessment

Once you have completed your Google Ads certification, you should apply what you learned to your ads account. Spend time going through the Google Ads dashboard and get acquainted with the different tools and settings available to you. Reading and passing the test is one thing, but practicing what you’ve learned is another. 

Another thing you should do right after you’ve completed your Google Ads certification is display it in a spot where people can see it. Posting it to your LinkedIn account is the best place to showcase it so recruiters and potential clients can see that you’re certified and understand what you’re talking about. 

The Takeaway

Getting a Google Ads certification is an excellent way to learn and showcase your skills to clients or employers. Courses are offered through and cover various topics about running Google ads and best practices for doing so. It’s essential to study hard and take plenty of notes to ensure you pass your courses and apply your newfound skills.