Desk tools to make work easier

Sometimes staying focused at work can be harder than the actual job at hand. Since humans spend one third of our lives working, having some tools to help keep us focused and productive is paramount. Whether you’re building advertising campaigns, designing logos, or reporting on excel sheets, having some helpful desk tools can aid in improving your productivity, and make your work day a little bit easier. Let’s take a look at some great tools you could be using to help make the work week more enjoyable.

1. Computer Monitors Are Key

If you’re working from home you’ve likely already established your work area, or you may already have a home office. Regardless of where you work, a computer monitor is a must for your desk space. Working exclusively on a laptop has been shown to cause poor posture and increased strain on your eyes. By working on a desktop monitor, you won’t have to strain your eyes as much to see smaller fonts or images. You’ll also start to improve your posture and avoid back pain as the monitor sits up higher than most laptop screens. 

Additionally, having the bigger screen allows you more area to use for different windows, applications, and tools. Between the physical health benefits and productivity benefits, a monitor is a must have desk tool for your home office.

2. Notepads and Calendars Help Keep Your Organized

If you’re a forgetful person, or just have a lot going on, having a legal pad or calendar at your side can be your saving grace. Whether you’re getting the details of a project, or planning a meeting during a busy week, a notepad can help keep you organized and on top of what’s coming up. Additionally, having a calendar on your desk rather than your computer can help you better visualize your schedule and plan out your days. 

3. Blue Light Glasses

Over the past couple of years blue light glasses have quickly become a popular item used by many people who work with computers. If you’ve noticed that your eyes become bloodshot or sore after a long day of working on a computer, these glasses are the remedy. What makes these glasses such a great desk tool is that they help block harmful light rays from screens that would otherwise put significant strain on your eyes. These glasses look like normal glasses, are lightweight, and can be purchased without a prescription. 

4. A Great Pair of Headphones

For the most part, everyone’s office environment is different. Some may have a loud environment, and some may have one that’s virtually silent. Regardless of what your work environment is, a good pair of noise cancelling headphones can help you increase your ability to focus. By blocking out loud sounds, or silencing the constant drone of the air conditioner, you’ll be more focused on the task at hand rather than what’s going on around you. Plus, if you have a job that allows you to listen to music or requires you video chat regularly, having a top-notch headset with a microphone can be the next best addition to your desk space.

5. A Whole New Desk

Another tool that has swiftly gained popularity is the standing desk. Standing desks have been shown to decrease back pain, boost energy levels, and can help keep you more active while working. Additionally, many different types of standing desks have adjustable legs that change their elevation from a sitting position to a standing one, giving you the option to choose how to work. It would also be wise to get a rubber pad or mat to stand on to avoid any discomfort in your heels or knees if you plan on standing for a while. 

The Takeaway

Regardless of your office environment or what you work on day to day, these different tools can benefit you tremendously. Whether you need help staying focused, improving your posture, or just improving your overall productivity, these different tools can be a huge benefit to you and your office environment.


written by Jonah Ericksen