The Client

Established in 2002 in Nashville Tennessee, High Tide Technologies is the industry leader in SCADA and monitoring solutions for utilities in the water, wastewater, and oil & gas industries. Operating across the United States, Canada, and Central & South America, they offer a pre-engineered, integrated product line of easy-to-install hardware, web-based software, and around-the-clock customer service. Their unique offering allows their customers to easily build a reliable SCADA system one step at a time.

The Problem

When we first began our partnership with High Tide Technologies, it was focused primarily on search engine optimization, content creation, and community outreach. We maintained a consistent content plan and ensured their website was technically sound from an SEO standpoint. Just recently, we expanded our engagement to completely rebrand High Tide Technologies. The purpose of this rebrand was to present High Tide Technologies in a way that best reflects the values and beliefs of the company.

Our Solution

We began the rebranding process by taking a look at who High Tide Technologies is and how they needed to represent themselves. At their core, they are a technology company and needed to present themselves as a modern and adaptable solution. On the other hand, their technology exists to help people, so maintaining a human touch in their branding was essential.

Next, we took a look at what the High Tide Technologies brand values most. Above all else, High Tide Technologies values inclusivity, ease of use, accessibility, and data-driven results. Since the beginning, they have fostered deep connections with the people they serve and give every utility an equal opportunity to do the best they can while providing for their communities. Additionally, High Tide Technologies strives to improve their offering by continuing to push the envelope of what their technology can do. 

Once we had established the beliefs and values of the High Tide Technologies brand, our design team quickly began creating the different aspects of their brand identity. Color palettes, logos, typography, etc, were all meticulously crafted to tie the knot between being a technology company, while still being a people company.

The result was a warmer, more modern, and more approachable brand that stays true to their roots as a technology company. It perfectly combines High Tide Technologies’ prowess in the field of SCADA & telemetry with their focus on providing the best offering possible to their customers. 

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