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User interface and user experience are more than pixels on a screen. User interface and user experience are crucial when attempting to make the best impression on your customers.

Why do great websites “work?” User interface and user experience are often what constitutes a winning website (and business).

UX/UI requires an artist touch – born through experience, training, and passion – to deliver an experience that truly moves people and accomplishes goals. Each and every member of the team of designers at Astute has that touch — let them help you deliver the digital experience you envision.

User Interface and User Experience

User Interface: What you See

User Interface is what people see on screen. What’s important in UI is also important in every facet of your business: be clear, concise, and on-brand. A good user interface should be simple and refined. It should simply convey your business’s goals to the user and be easy to navigate and use. Your user interface is the online face of your company and should be appealing and inviting.


User Experience: What you Feel

The user experience is what users feel when they engage with your website. UX should be comfortable, intuitive, and complete. We design user experiences for clients with organization as the driving constituent. Starting with your goals in mind, we are able to create a user experience that will guide the user through a complete digital experience.

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