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Strategy forms the foundation for all of our engagements. A good strategy will ensure that we get the most out of your marketing, branding, and web efforts. Our strategy sessions are developed based on the 12 brand archetypes framework.

In order to discover the essence of your brand, we practice Archetypal Analysis — a series of informed exercises derived from the Carl Jung theory of archetypal storytelling.

Storytelling is always based around a set of some variation of the 12 character types: The Jester, The Hero, The Magician, The Citizen, The Lover, The Sage, The Creator, The Innocent, The Explorer, The Ruler, The Rebel, The Caregiver.

brand archetypes

Applying brand archetypes is effective because it enables us to communicate on the basis of innate human tendencies — rather than the typical subjective language that is associated with creativity.


Through workshops and research, we establish which archetypes your company best aligns with. A primary, secondary, and tertiary character is chosen. We utilize the primary archetype to inform your brand’s messaging, logo, etc. and the second/tertiary archetype to lay the digital groundwork concerning what your company does on a more functional, internal level.


By starting from a place of identity, we are able to allow these archetypes to shape the rest of your marketing strategy.

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