Quotes To Inspire Your Web Design

Web design requires an enormous amount of inspiration, knowledge, and technical skill. In addition, the best web designers also rely on the wisdom of other talented designers to guide their path, and avoid challenges that others have already overcome.  Get inspiration from the design quotes below to ensure that your website design and development process is smooth and rewarding.

Everything is a work in progress. – Rob Roy Kelly

Even the world’s most prized masterpieces are a work in progress. Museum curators move the world’s most precious artwork to different rooms of the museum, or ship artwork to other locations for special shows, changing the context and altering the experience for the viewer. Also, many scientists and art conservationists dedicate their lives to retouching, restoring, and maintaing masterpieces. These treasures are a work in progress, not static objects that never change.

Websites must evolve at an exponential rate compared to the masterpieces of the world. Technology demands constant updates. In addition, aesthetics change over time, forcing web designers to adapt stylistically. Also, web users change preferences and needs, forcing web developers to innovate new approaches to the online experience. When designing your website, remember that your site will always be a work in progress. Updates and changes are an inevitable part of the web design and development process.

web design updates

Graphic design is so much more than aesthetics. It’s more concerned with how it functions and the results that it produces. – Matt D’Angelo

Web designs are similar to the designs found in the natural world; the beautiful forms that attract attention and admiration also serve an important function. Just as flowers do not exist for our pleasure alone, the shapes, colors, layout, as well as every other element of web design have a specific purpose. Great design seamlessly merges form and function so the form perfectly supports the function without sacrificing aesthetic quality.

design function

Content precedes design. Design in the absence of content is not design, it’s decoration. – Jeffrey Zeldman

As mentioned above, website designs should not only be pleasant to view, the designs should also have a clear goal, and every piece of the design puzzle should drive results. Part of the mission of web design is to deliver a message. Every design element should play a part in communicating that message to web visitors. If a design element does not support the website’s message, or specific web copy, that element is nothing but decoration and should be removed. Design can communicate ideas, and support content in a variety of ways; some ways are subtle, while others are apparent. Knowing the difference between superfluous and critical design elements often requires extensive training, as well as A/B testing of website elements.

content and design

Conclusion: Be prepared to update your website regularly. Also, select design elements that are aesthetically pleasing, and also deliver results. Every part of your design should have a purpose.

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