How to Improve Your Social Ads Conversion Rate - Astute Communications

With the increased adoption of social commerce and social advertising, social media users have more buying power than ever. Recently, Facebook and Instagram have quickly grown as platforms for consumers to research products and make purchase decisions. However, this doesn’t automatically mean converting people with your social advertising is easier. To hit your advertising goals, you’ll need to align your business goals with your marketing strategy to improve your social ads conversion rates.

Mobile Landing Page Optimization 

Users on social media platforms typically browse using their phones. To convert more of these users, you’ll need to optimize your landing pages to be more mobile-friendly. Making sure your website and landing pages are optimized for a mobile experience can significantly improve your conversion rates by doing the research and buying part of the funnel easier to navigate. Try to make your landing pages similar to the social media site you advertise on. Being able to swipe and tap seamlessly is a great way to ensure an easy switch from app to website. 

Incorporate Video Into Your Advertising

For almost every company, video advertising directly correlates to a higher conversion rate. With roughly 84% of users who watched a video deciding to convert, video ads can be the critical component your strategy is missing. 

Video ads also don’t need to be extravagant. Something as simple as an Instagram story post with a short 10-second video can dramatically impact how many users click through to see what your product is and the company’s name. Anything you can do to garner your audience’s attention across various social media platforms will help drastically. 

Run Promotions On Your Social Accounts

One of the quickest ways to get your audience’s attention is to advertise a deal, sale, or promotion. This tactic works exceptionally well for users on the fence about going forward with the buying decision. If you can offer someone a discounted price or a second item half off, you can significantly influence their decision-making depending on your product. As consumers, we all want to feel like we’re winning somehow, and providing a special offer for those considering buying is an excellent way to get them to convert.

Focus On Highlighting User-Generated Content

User-generated content is a great way to help consumers feel more comfortable buying your products. Consumers often post pictures of their purchases on social media and tag their business accounts. This is essentially the social media version of a testimonial. You can repost these users’ posts to advertise that consumers love your product. This helps other users see that what you’re offering is the real deal and convince them to convert.

The Takeaway

The above strategies can significantly help increase your social ads conversion rate. If you can make the overall buying process easier for your audience and put their worries and apprehensions to bed, you’ll quickly notice your conversions begin to increase. Try out some of these social media strategies, and you’ll be surprised at how quickly things improve for your business.