An Evening with Jessica Hische - Astute Communications

Inspiration is a funny thing. It usually happens unexpectedly, and stems from unexpected events. It might seem obvious that inspiration would strike during a speech from one of the most creative trailblazers of our generation, but maybe not to me.

I was once on the creative path, majoring in Interior Design my freshman year of college. Since the ID program ran through the Architecture program, several classes were held in the intensely artistic Building of Architecture at my University. During one class, my professor introduced us to the indie film Helvetica by Gary Hustwit, which explored the proliferation of the typeface and how it affects our lives. Thus began my fascination with type and lettering. Fast-forward five years and a marketing/journalism degree later, creativity in the art form is no longer a part of my everyday routine.

Jessica’s speech was held at Watkins College of Art and Design, which I am briefly familiar. Having attended the senior design review of a friend last year and following the projects of my cousin who also calls Watkins her alma matar, I have heard many things but I have never been to the college itself. For this reason, I arrived a little early to check the place out and stand in line for a good seat, as there were already 60 people on the waitlist. Right as I walked in I noticed the senior Interior Design review on display in the gallery. I took a quick walk through and the inspiration starting kicking in. Jessica’s speech quickly added to that. There were so many things Jessica said that resonated with me, even though I am no longer a part of her peer audience.

“I am happy with where I am because it’s better than where I was. Compare yourself against yourself and ask, “Have I improved”? If so, be happy with what you’ve done.”


Naturally I began trying to think through the logistics of going back to school and what that would mean- life change, college loans, beginning a new career- job search again? Inspiration. Thinking in this manner is something I haven’t done in a long time. Was it the Interior Design review in the hallway? Jessica Hische standing and speaking to me in the flesh? Or maybe a combination of the two and being in a heavily creative environment. Whatever the root, I realized something I had been missing and that is challenge. Challenge to think outside my normal day to day routine, to think outside my current industry, and to never forget my personal foundation and the things that interest me and inspire me.

“You must appreciate the journey as much as the destination, but if you do not understand the foundation you will never be happy with the end result.”


Although I love my current job, industry and day-to-day routine, I see the importance of not falling into the mundane and always searching for something out of the box. In this way, I feel we can all add a little something different to our respective industries and most importantly- never stop growing.

“Never get to comfortable. Try things that make you uncomfortable, because you never know where things are going to come from. Be yourself. Be genuine.”