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Every marketer aims for their brand to make an everlasting impact. Leveraging evergreen content in your marketing strategy helps strengthen your brand’s presence across various marketing channels long after you publish your content. This content is highly relevant and doesn’t become dated, creating a sustainable model for increasing website traffic and providing additional knowledge to your audience.  

What Is Evergreen Content?

Evergreen content is any topic that consistently draws interest from readers and stays relevant over time. People always want to consume this type of content, so it’s essential to keep this front of mind when writing about these topics. Additionally, it should always remain fresh for readers wanting to learn about the topic or looking for an answer to a question. 

Why Is Evergreen Content Important?

Evergreen content provides value to your audience by setting yourself apart as a thought leader in your industry, along with other benefits that include: 

1. Future-proof

Evergreen content’s impact grows over time since your audience consistently draws interest to these topics. Therefore, you can create it now and not worry about losing value in the future. 

2. Quicker SEO improvements

Evergreen content is searched more often than niche topics. Therefore, your content will rank quicker and continue growing in search rankings if it’s high quality. 

3. Increases Website Traffic

Publishing evergreen content is a great way to drive website traffic, but you should also support it with other relevant content. 

4. Creates Value for You and Your Customers

Evergreen content addresses common questions from your audience and increases your organic search rankings. Therefore, you create value for yourself and your customers by killing two birds with one stone. 

5. Generates Lead

Showcasing your expertise through relevant evergreen content will encourage readers to visit your site and purchase one of your products or services if they haven’t done so before. 

6. Repromotion Over Time

Since evergreen content remains relevant over time, you can consistently repromote it across various marketing channels. Additionally, you can give it a fresh spin by repurposing it into other forms of content. 

7. Less Time and Resources

Creating content requires valuable time and resources. Regularly incorporating evergreen ideas into your content marketing strategy will ensure that you never run short on ideas. 

How to Create Evergreen Content

1. Understand What Your Audience Wants to Know

You should create content around relevant keywords that your audience is searching for. Start by researching which keywords are relevant to your business and industry and which pain points your audience has in common. You can also conduct interviews or host a Q&A on your social media platforms to gather more information about your audience. 

2. Create Content Around Relevant Keywords

Creating content that ties into specific keywords is essential for your audience to find the solutions to their pain points. Make sure your content is clear and concise without being a sales pitch, providing help to your audience without trying to sell your product upfront. Additionally, avoid pinning your content to a specific time because it will become outdated and might deter readers from clicking on your content. These content creation tips will help build brand trust and encourage readers to revisit your site.

3. Refresh Content After Publishing

Regularly revisiting your content after publishing can breathe new life into your content. Reposting on social media, updating links, adding new research, or finding a new angle can give your content a fresh perspective and attract a new set of visitors to your website. You can track the keywords you’re targeting through platforms such as Ahrefs to evaluate content marketing metrics and update content when specific keywords or pieces of content are dropping in interest. 

Evergreen Content Ideas

Creating evergreen content with an original angle can be challenging because many people have already written on these topics. Therefore, it’s essential to add a unique spin to provide value to your audience and increase your chances of the content being seen. 

1. How-to Guides

How-to guides are the most popular content for evergreen ideas because anyone can easily create them. This type of content requires your unique expertise and some research to create a piece that will continue to be valuable long after publishing. 

2. Case Studies and Testimonials

Case studies and testimonials are an excellent way to prove your brand’s expertise. Additionally, they are great forms of evergreen content because they stand the test of time and position yourself as a thought leader. 

3. “Everything You Need to Know About…”

Articles that discuss everything you should know about a specific topic are great evergreen pieces because they provide a concise overview that can easily be refreshed and reshared over time. Evergreen pieces will also encourage readers to bookmark the post and return to them for reference. 

The Takeaway

Creating evergreen content requires understanding what your customers want and providing answers and solutions to their problems. Incorporating evergreen pieces into your marketing strategy ensures your content doesn’t go out of style and provides consistent value to your audience over time. You can also apply it to various parts of your marketing efforts, improving your brand’s presence and driving ongoing growth.