Verdi Spotlight

The Client

Headquartered in Brentwood, Tennessee with locations across the United States, Verdi Oncology is an oncology practice management company that empowers different practices, physicians, and hospitals to create value through high quality, low cost, patient centric oncology care. Verdi was founded on the belief that cancer treatment should be patient centric and value based, with a heavy focus on patient experience, patient growth, clinical pathways, and practice efficiency.

The Problem

Verdi Oncology operates a growing number of practices across the United States, providing a variety of oncology services for their partners. Recently, Verdi had been struggling to increase the number of oncology patient referrals and engaged the Astute team to help address the declining number of referrals with a new referral partner campaign. 

Our Solution

We began our work on this referral partner campaign by first meeting with the team at Verdi to establish who our target audience is, what strategy we’ll use to reach them, and set KPIs to ensure they’re succeeding in hitting their referral goals. 

The overarching goal of this campaign is to increase the incoming number of oncology patient referrals from hospitals in the areas where Verdi operates. In order to achieve this goal we needed to create marketing materials that Verdi practice managers could present to local healthcare providers that showcase Verdi as a top of the line, patient focused oncology practice. 

The marketing materials that we designed for this campaign included a Verdi branded folder and informational inserts that are tailored to each of the different Verdi Oncology locations. 

These informational inserts were created to provide ample information about Verdi Oncology as a company, introduce the lead physicians at each location, highlight clinical trials, and help healthcare providers to familiarize themselves with the referral process with Verdi. 

The designs of these inserts were built to be user-friendly and organized to help facilitate a seamless flow of information. They also needed to accurately present Verdi Oncology for who they are as a brand, while maintaining a visual interest and providing a clean and elevated look.

By creating well-designed and informative marketing materials, the Astute team was able to provide Verdi Oncology with professional marketing collateral in order to help them strive towards their goals of gaining more referral patients. 

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