Client Spotlight: Nashville Recovery Center - Astute Communications

The Client

Part of the Spero Group family of companies, Nashville Recovery Center provides a safe and fun place for people to embrace life in addiction recovery. Located in West Nashville, NRC offers a full spectrum of services including clinical treatments, male and female sober living facilities, a variety of 12-step meetings, and a supportive community for anyone recovering from addiction. 

Nashville Recovery Center recently announced it will be partnering with the Pro Football Hall of Fame Behavioral Health Program. The program addresses mental health, emotional health, and addiction issues in current and former athletes, as well as their families.

The Problem

When we first started our partnership with Nashville Recovery Center, they needed two new websites to launch in conjunction with the center’s opening. One for the main site and one for the clinical site.

In addition to the new websites, the Astute team would also manage NRC’s weekly newsletter and social media accounts to help establish and maintain communication with the community.

More recently, we were tasked with designing a collateral folder with informational inserts about the different services at NRC.

Our Solution

We began our engagement with Nashville Recovery Center by designing their new websites. They needed one website as the primary site and another dedicated to their clinical services. The primary goal of the main website was to improve online visibility and provide easy-to-find information on the different services they offer.

The second site dedicated to the NRC clinical services was created to provide as much information as possible about the treatment options in the clinical program. It provides considerable information explaining the partial hospitalization and intensive outpatient programs NRC offers.

Once the two websites had launched we turned our attention to NRC’s social media accounts. Our social media and design team began content management and creation for the NRC Facebook and Instagram accounts. The overarching goal of these accounts is to continually improve engagement with the NRC brand and provide their followers with information and updates regarding the community at NRC.

Similarly to our management of social media accounts, the Astute team designs and manages NRC’s weekly email marketing efforts. The newsletter highlights recent news regarding Nashville Recovery Center, fresh articles on addiction recovery, and pertinent information on community events at NRC for that week.

More recently, the design team at Astute helped create a collateral folder with informational inserts regarding the different services Nashville Recovery Center offers. This folder is a useful resource for those visiting NRC and provides plenty of information on their offer.

This has been a fun and exciting partnership for the Astute team, and we’ve had a great time working with the team at Nashville Recovery Center. Be sure to click the button below to check out the NRC website and see how it all came together:

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