The Magician Archetype 

The Magician Archetype makes dreams come true by using knowledge of how the world works. Magician brands are transformative. It’s quite common for them to display traits that have a spiritual or psychological element. They want to expand our collective consciousness.

When it comes to the motivation of the Magician, these brands want to make your dreams come to life and create something special and informative. They want to bring the future to the present. The goal of this type is to help people transform their world, improving one’s life and making things exciting. Something this brand type can struggle with is the expectation of more than is actually possible. This can be a roadblock because it may have intentions and expectations, but sometimes can fall short. Furthermore, the Magician has many different ideas and aspirations that it’s sometimes hard for them to stay committed to one vision. 

Goal: To turn dreams into reality

Fear: Unintended negative consequences

Strategy: Create a unique vision and live by it

Examples: Disney, TED, MAC Cosmetics

The Magician Archetype in Practice 

When it comes to seeing the Magician in action, one can expect brands that are very compelling and charismatic. They show their audience the ability to rise above the typical crowd. This creates a confidence in the brand, creating attention and curiosity from customers. These brands tend to promote wonder, a promise for change, and transformation through their product or service.

The Magician is interested in new ways and finding solutions that are not yet imagined, as well as products not yet built. They are an idea-driven powerhouse, thriving on vision and intuition. These tendencies support their title as the Magician because they seem to make innovation and the brand itself a magical experience. 

When it comes to the way customers feel, they tend to be mesmerized by the possibilities and promise that the brand has to offer. The Magician offers a story for customers. This insinuates a fascination, creating a strong following and loyalty from customers that makes them consistently come back for more. They have a sense of urgency to be a part of the “magic”. The Magician consumer is motivated both by the desire for personal transformation and to be a change agent in the world around them. These customers are known to be in a position of leadership, being influential by nature. 

Any company that finds value in innovation and transformation can easily identify as a Magician brand. At its core, this brand type is set out to achieve objectives by applying intelligence and secret information. Examples include Disney, TEDX, and Dyson. 

Levels of the Magician Archetype

Each of the 12 different archetypes can be expressed at varying levels. The lower levels are less mature while higher levels are more developed.

  • Level 1: Involves experiencing magical moments, leaving one feeling mesmerized, satisfied, happy, or transformed in some way, though generally short-term or superficial.
  • Level 2: Brings the experience of a flow,  being in which you are fully immersed with what you are doing. The mental, physical, and spiritual are all in sync working in perfect accord toward reaching the vision.
  • Level 3: Brings miracles or the complete manifestation of a vision.

Examples of the Magician Archetype

Disney- This is a prime example of the Magician Brand. Disney is known as one of the most magical places on earth “where dreams come true”. This brand has innovated and created an empire that brings a magical feeling to all, ranging from television, movies, amusement parks, and products. 

TEDX – This brand is transformational and intelligent, which are two of the main qualities that the Magician possesses. TEDX works to create informative conferences on topic areas including technology, entertainment, and design. 

Dyson- This brand revolutionized what it means to use a vacuum cleaner. Many know from the name the significance and technological advancements this vacuum has created. The look of the products are sleek and advanced, leaving customers with the thought of what this brand they will create next. 

The 12 Brand Archetypes

Unsure if your brand is a Magician? Discover the creator archetype, the explorer archetype, and the sage archetype. You may be surprised by which brand archetypes your company resonates with.

-Written by Reynna Nelson