A social media director’s life lesson on doing things in society.

Reason 1,345,678 why I love working for Astute Communications is that my boss, Anna Stout, loves pushing us to try new things – both individually and as a team. Whether it’s a book I’d never pick up on my own, or scaling a wall at Climb Nashville, I’m usually pretty happy after the fact that she encouraged my to try a new experience. Most recently, Anna has been telling me about this “women’s networking group” that she has been going to and how much she really loves it. I wasn’t too sure at first for a few reasons. First, I’m 24 years old–Am I really old enough to go to something called a “women’s group”? Second, I didn’t know how I felt about spending my time “networking” outside of working hours and not necessarily for work. This seemed like a stretch and a lot of energy, and I wanted to make sure I was up for it. Last not least, I couldn’t help but wonder, “Am I going to relate to these women or stick out like a millennial sore thumb?”

So despite all these questions going through my mind I took the leap Anna had been pushing me to take and I went to the “women’s networking group,” called Mod Social.

I’m sure some of you have either gone to Mod Social or at least heard of it before. I say this because after going and telling people about my experience, I found that I was in fact the odd man out! I seemed to be the only person in Nashville who had not heard of it! And let me clear the air and say that is for good reason.

I absolutely loved my first time at Mod Social. Being in a room of hard-working, Nashville women who are going through the same s&*t that I go through everyday, regardless of age or stature, was so uplifting. There were business owners, department heads, unemployed women, and every woman in between represented in the opening circle (it’s a *MOD* thing). As I looked around the room it reminded me of the value of coming together in this way and why we need the sense of community in our every day lives.

I think finding a place that is outside your comfort zone where you can surround yourself with people you might not normally meet is an experience of which no one should deny themselves. To be frank, it’s an experience I don’t get enough of. If you are feeling in a rut in your job or life, or even if the grass is greener on your side right now, I urge you to find something that pushes you outside your comfort zone. Find a way to connect with the movers and shakers of this amazing city that we call home because it is truly amazing–but that’s only because of the people living and breathing here making it that way.

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Until next time.