Using video to engage your audience

Let’s face it, your brand is too unique and complex to be described solely with fonts, facts, and a handful of clever phrases. Other tactics exist to spice up your digital game this season, but there’s one particular method no company should overlook: video marketing.

Engaging consumers with a moving, visual representation of your company or product is vital in the modern digital marketing landscape. Why? A study done by Wyzowl found that 79% of consumers prefer watching video to reading about a product.

Bottom line: Users are gravitating towards videos. Your audience wants to see you and your team in action in order to really picture themselves buying your product or taking a chance on your services. It’s safe to assume that consumers will better connect with your brand if you practice video marketing — rather than limit yourself to text-based content (like the paragraph you’re reading).  

We’ve pulled together examples of the three easiest marketing video opportunities — all can be shot on one camera, in one location, and in one day — guaranteed to drastically improve user engagement on your social platforms.

3 Simple (but effective) Types of Marketing Videos

The Interview: JourneyPure

This may not be the most creative approach, but interview-style video marketing can be extremely effective when executed well. The applications can vary from introducing your brand to customers, telling origin stories, or sharing your core business values through interview-style questioning. This type of video marketing is a great way to put a face to your brand and introduce your audience to employees, managers, owners, etc. This can be a useful way to build brand allegiance while simply having a casual conversation.

Interview Video Tip: Tell a story; be personable and honest with your audience.


The Product / Explainer: HotLogic

If you are launching a new product or service, creating an explainer video can help your audience better understand what your business is selling. Discussing what your product is, and how to properly use it, is a unique opportunity to demonstrate first-hand why your product or resources stand out among others. If you are selling a service, explain what you can do for your audience, how you’ve done it before, or the meaning behind your mission statement.

Product / Explainer Video Tip: Be creative and include easy-to-follow steps for your audience.


The Testimonial: Instruction Partners/D2D

Testimonial videos can provide marketers with important, necessary tools to reel in new customers. They have been popular in the world of marketing for ages — with good reason. Why should testimonial videos still be used? Customers will always trust the authenticity that comes with user reviews. People want approval and praise from unbiased customers in order to confidently go through with a purchase.

Testimonial Video Tip: Make sure your client is confident and comfortable delivering his or her message. Any video you release is representative of your company.

Start Making Marketing Videos Now

Interviews, product explainers, and testimonials are just three of the many ways to utilize this effective form of digital marketing. One camera, one location, one day — anyone can implement video marketing into their current strategic plans, and everyone should. According to Aberdeen Group, video marketers get 66% more qualified leads per year. Make your marketing efforts part of that statistic.


-Written by Lily Tillman