Marketing on Twitch

Over the years, technology has continued to grow at an exponential rate. As a result, so has the world of online gaming. With regular improvements to gaming technology and the rise of dedicated community platforms such as Twitch, connecting with this unique community has become much more straightforward. 

Twitch is a relatively new website that is solely dedicated to live streaming. It was initially designed to broadcast gameplay so fans could watch and interact with one another. The platform has since grown from just gaming to DIY crafts, sports events, interviews, and much more. It’s also become a great place to market your business.

Who is using Twitch?

Teen gamers make up an overwhelming majority of Twitch’s user demographics. Twitch averages around 28 million users per month in the United States who watch over an hour and a half of streamed content per visit. Of those 28 million users, 80% of them are male teenagers. 

While male teenagers make up most of the site’s demographic, most famed content producers on Twitch are adult men and women. While teen males make up a majority of viewers, plenty of other demographics are present in smaller quantities.

How to use Twitch for marketing?

For many different brands using Twitch, they typically choose to increase brand awareness, target specific audiences, produce branded streams, or employ some form of influencer marketing. Let’s look at a few different ways brands are using Twitch to help market themselves and their products.

Nissin Noodles

Nissin Noodles is a company that manufactures and sells cups of easy-to-make ramen noodles. Recently, Nissin Noodles partnered with the famous streamer, Pokimane, to help market their product. Pokimane is one of the more notable streamers on Twitch, pulling in thousands of viewers each stream. For her Nissin Noodles branded stream, she broadcasted herself making and enjoying the noodles while playing video games and interacting with fans. Nearly 12,000 people have viewed the Nissin Noodles branded stream showcasing their easy-to-make and delicious product.


Indeed is a website developed for job seekers to easily browse open jobs and apply. How Indeed chose to use Twitch is similar to how many other companies use Facebook or Youtube ads. They created a commercial displaying an actor searching for a designer role on their site, followed by a streamer hiring them to improve their stream. This commercial appears before a variety of streams, and unlike Youtube, they can’t be skipped. This is a great way to advertise to your audience and convince them to try your product as it speaks to something they’re likely interested in. 

PSD Underwear

PSD is an activewear brand that creates out-of-the-box underwear designs. They typically partner with basketball and football players but decided to try influencer marketing on Twitch. Every year, Twitch hosts a conference called TwitchCon, where streamers set up a booth, give talks, showcase skills, and meet their fans in person. At the most recent TwitchCon, PSD Underwear decided to partner with famed streamer Ninja, who has over 14 million followers on the site. They gifted Ninja a tour bus with his logo accompanied by the PSD logo. The bus was parked in front of the event and acted as a brand billboard with Ninja’s endorsement. 

The Takeaway

The main takeaway is that while Twitch is a relatively new platform for marketing, it’s quickly becoming an excellent place to showcase your business. Whether you want to run commercials, try influencer marketing, or engage with different audiences, Twitch is rapidly evolving into a great platform to showcase new marketing methods. Be sure to check out the platform for different ways people are marketing their brands on Twitch.