Anna and I were lucky to attend Giant Conference in Charleston last week. She had been asked to speak at the conference and we jumped at the chance. Conferences are a great place to recharge the batteries, get excited about your industry again, and meet really interesting people who have a fresh perspective on emerging and established trends. Plus, it’s a great opportunity to explore cities and towns across the country. Neither Anna nor I had been to Charleston before, so we were very excited to visit one of the most celebrated cities of the south.

The slides from Anna’s talk are below. We wanted to share these not only with others in our industry, but also with anyone who may be thinking about building a new website. Whether you hire us, another firm, or build it yourself, using the process outlined in these slides will lead to a successful new website build by helping you avoid the pain points that often accompany this process.

Anna’s talk from Giant Conference was based on a podcast she did with Clark Buckner called “From Discovery to Design: 5 Crucial Steps to Planning Your Website.”

The steps are:

  1. Site Map and User flow:

– This is where we lay the foundation, design our blueprint, planning for how users will move through your website.

  1. Customer acquisition funnel:

– Converting visitors/users to customers is the goal of any website. This is where we plan and develop a conversion funnel, guiding users from initial visit to point of conversion.

  1. Content:

– The heart of your website, content is the main thing that holds up a web project. It is also paramount for conversions, SEO, and is the “voice” of your business online.

  1. Wire Framing:

– Wire Framing is where we lay out the web pages; deciding how the information will be organized on each page. This is an important part of our process, as we want to be thoughtful on how users experience each web page.

  1. Design:

– Design is the exciting part. It’s the manifestation of all the work above. By combining modern design standards with a winning strategy, we are positioned for a successful website.

By using this process, we are taking the time on the front end to ensure we have a smoother time with the build process. This process has served us well and we believe it will lead to a successful launch of your next website!