Recruiting Ad Campaign

Whether you operate a large company of over 100 employees or a small business with less than 10, advertising and filling open positions can be a difficult task. Getting in front of suitable candidates or any at all can be difficult. This is where running ads for available jobs can help you tremendously.

Why Run Ads for Recruiting?

Choosing to run ads for open positions can be a huge help to getting you in front of the right candidates. Nowadays, when people are searching for a new job, they’re doing so online. So, if your website doesn’t have a strong search engine presence, it can be challenging to show up when people search for jobs relating to what you do. 

That’s why advertising open positions with tools such as Facebook and Google Ads can help grant the visibility you need. By allowing you to target specific characteristics and using your own strategically designed creative, you can begin to reach more qualified candidates.

Running Recruiting Ads On Facebook

With over 2 billion monthly users, Facebook has become a great place to market your business. Whether you’re advertising your services, products or recruiting potential team members, Facebook allows you to create a campaign that focuses on your goals. 

When creating ads for Facebook, you have a variety of options to build your target audience. You can select specific attributes relating to geography, age, interests, education, and more. By narrowing down the particular qualities you want your candidates to possess, your ads can start to show up in the timelines of users who meet your set criteria. It’s also wise not to get too specific in your targeting, as it can begin to limit the reach of your ads.

Additionally, be sure to include strong creative assets in your advertisements, including short videos, high-quality images, and strong ad copy. It can help catch users’ attention and convince them to click on your advertisement. 

Running Recruiting Ads On Google

Much like Facebook, Google receives over a billion users every month and experiences roughly 150 million job-related searches each month in the United States. With that many people searching for work on Google, it makes sense to start advertising on this platform. 

Similar to how you would set up a Facebook ad campaign, Google gives you the same options to select attributes of your ideal candidate. Characteristics such as interests, education, location, and a handful of demographics can allow you to hone your audience to more qualified candidates. Additionally, Google gives you the option to target people based on the other sites they may visit. So, if someone is visiting a competitor’s or partner’s site, you can start to target people who have visited that website. 

The main differentiator between Google and Facebook is Google can show your advertisements in different locations. Facebook is limited to its network of Facebook and Instagram, whereas Google will display ads on their platform, YouTube, Gmail, and other partner sites that allow for those ads. For example, your ad could show on Google’s results page for someone actively searching for your company or passively show up as a banner on a site unrelated to yours. This gives you an extra broad reach to actively and passively advertise to your specific audience.

The Takeaway

No matter how big or small your company is, actively recruiting for your open positions can be challenging. However, with platforms like Facebook and Google, you can easily advertise your open positions and start getting more qualified candidates to your job board.