Traffic in the city

If you were to ask a digital marketer what they need the most help with, the typical response is going to be getting more customers. However, to get these customers digital marketers need to find ways to generate more web traffic. With the online landscape becoming more and more competitive, content marketers need to find a way to stick out from the crowd in order to accumulate more online users. Let’s take a look at some tried and true strategies that can help you improve your web traffic and acquire more customers.

Begin a Content Marketing Strategy

One tried and true method that has worked for a multitude of companies is content marketing. By generating relevant and informative blogs and resources, marketers can attract more of the right people to their website. 

Writing content that is relevant to your products and services can attract users who are already searching for related products. But in order to write attractive content, you’ll need to understand your buyer persona so you know how to target your audience. Once you know who your audience is, creating content for them becomes much easier. 

The best way to understand your audience is through SEO research. Digging in on SEO research will tell you all about what keywords your audience is searching, the demographics your audience is in, their interests, etc. Tailoring your content to align with your target audience will help you to increase web traffic by staying in line with what your audience is already searching for. Additionally, promote your content via emails and social media, the more clicks you can get to this content, the higher Google will rank you in their search results. 

Create Pillar Pages

To keep improving your content’s SEO rankings, you’ll want to portray your business as an expert in its field. By writing extensively about a specific topic you can send signals to Google that you are an authority on whichever subject matter you may write about.

What many SEO experts recommend is creating pillar pages. These are long form content pieces that talk extensively about a topic. For example, if you write a pillar page on bread making, you’d write about the whole process including flour, yeast, water, kneading, rising, baking, etc. But what makes pillar pages work is linking out to smaller blogs that talk specifically about each section of bread making. 

For instance, if your blog about dough kneading does really well getting traffic, that pillar page receives a boost in organic rankings. Then, as the pillar page gets a boost in rankings, all the linked blogs about yeast, bakings, etc. all get a boost in organic rankings. This is a great way to portray your business as being an expert on a particular subject.

Utilize SEO Analysis Tools

Aside from creating content to drive traffic to your website, you’ll also need to make sure you are monitoring the success of your content. By utilizing popular software such as Google Analytics, SEM Rush, and Ahrefs, you’ll be able to refine your content marketing strategy to focus on what’s working.

These SEO tools are paramount to a strong content strategy since they allow greater visibility into what pages are working best, what keywords are strongest, as well as a multitude of other key data points to help you refine and advance your content strategy. 

The Takeaway

Content marketing truly is one of the best ways to improve the amount of traffic to your website. By creating relevant, well researched, and accurate content you can begin to position yourself as an expert in the eyes of Google and other search engines. Once search engines start to recognize you as a trusted source your website traffic will begin to climb, getting you closer to being the top result when a relevant query is searched.