calendar of Google Ads Updates in 2023

Google is constantly updating and changing their platform to provide its users with the best searching experience possible. However, being such a massive search engine a plethora of updates arise every year and not everyone is always aware of what’s coming. That’s why we’re taking a look at all the updates that will be implemented to Google in 2023.

Similar Audiences Are Leaving Google Ads

Google introduced similar audiences to help boost the reach of advertisers remarketing audiences. This was built as a response to Facebook’s Lookalike Audience which was wildly successful in improving audience targeting. However, new privacy standards have recently hit both Google and Facebook’s audience targeting. With that change in privacy standards, Google announced in November 2022 that it plans to transition away from similar audiences for more powerful audience targeting in 2023.

Advertisers have about six more months to use Google’s similar audiences in their campaigns. By May of 2023 similar audiences will no longer be available to be used in new campaigns or ad groups. However, these audiences will still be working if already implemented until August 2023, they just won’t be able to be edited or added.

The Final Act for Expanded Text Ads

One of the more unpopular updates Google Ads implemented came in 2022 with the sunsetting of expanded text ads. Over the course of 2022 expanded text ads have started their deprecation but are still in use by many advertisers. However, expanded text ads aren’t able to be created or edited at this time. Instead, responsive search ads have become the standard as the premier ad type for Google Search ads. 

The responsive ads essentially combine multiple expanded text ads to rotate headlines and descriptions to match specific search queries. Their success has been in question for some time as they don’t always provide the best headlines for the ad. However, pinning certain headlines can help advertisers avoid any instances of weaker headlines from showing instead of stronger options. Be sure to check how the ads are performing and adjust headlines as needed.

The Addition of Audio Advertisements for YouTube

While it appears Google is pruning a lot of different facets they’re also working on bringing some new tools to advertisers. One instance of this is the addition of audio ads for YouTube. These ads are designed to fit into YouTube music and podcasts to reach those listeners on YouTube. Previously this option wasn’t available outside of video ads but this new addition makes it possible to reach YouTube listeners in a less obtrusive way.

To complement this new ad type, Google will allow targeting for specific placements across YouTube, such as Music Mood Lineups and Podcast Lineups, so that advertisers can target their audio ads to the areas where they’re most likely to find their target audience listening.

The Takeaway

The key takeaway here is that Google Ads Updates are continuing to evolve heading into 2023. Some widely used facets are being deprecated while others are emerging which can have big implications for the campaigns of digital marketers. Be sure to review the different updates that Google is announcing and make sure your accounts are prepared for continued success in 2023.