Creating the Perfect Holiday Marketing Campaign - Astute Communications

The holidays are an opportune time to create a marketing campaign that connects with your audience, reaches new customers, and drives online sales. This season draws more customers than the rest of the year, but the competitive landscape can make it difficult for brands to stand out from the rest. It doesn’t matter what industry you’re in because a holiday marketing campaign can benefit any business.

During this season, many people are shopping for their friends and family. If you can market your products or services based on the holidays, you’ll build brand awareness and entice more people to make a purchase. Here are some tips on creating the perfect holiday marketing campaign that will deliver excellent results for your business. 

Creative Concept 

Colors and overall design are integral to your holiday marketing concept. During Christmas, you should use colors that represent the season. Primary colors typically include red, green, and white, while gold, silver, or blue are secondary colors. You can use these colors on your promotional graphics or email marketing design. 

The holidays are a feel-good season often associated with family, happiness, and giving. Therefore, this is an excellent opportunity to incorporate an emotional element into your holiday campaigns. Color psychology, music, and branding are critical components that will build an emotional connection with your audience and invoke the feelings associated with this season. 

It’s also essential to consider which products and services to market for your holiday campaigns. People want to purchase something that feels unique and special for this time of year. For example, if you own a candle-making business, you could create a limited-edition holiday scent that will entice more people to buy it. 

Goals and Metrics 

Once you choose your creative concept, you should set goals and metrics to achieve your desired results. Setting SMART goals will ensure your goals are specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and timely. Setting goals that can be measured in numbers helps you reach the bar you set. Before you set targets, take a look at what has worked historically. This will establish the benchmark that you use to measure success.

Marketing Collateral

Finding the right special offer for your products and services during your holiday marketing campaign is the first step of creating marketing collateral. You can get creative with your holiday promotions depending on your business and what will appeal to your potential customers. Some offers might include 20% off your entire order or a free gift with purchase if you spend a certain amount. If you’re an online retailer, you can also offer your customers additional benefits during this season with double rewards points if they purchase from your holiday advertising.

The next step is to determine all possible marketing collateral you need. Depending on your campaign, marketing collateral might include blog posts, landing pages, infographics, brand stories, proposals and presentations, email newsletters, or abandoned cart emails. Implementing UTM tracking is critical for any digital campaign to track your progress and consumer engagement. Evaluating the results will help you determine where you can improve performance or which campaigns aren’t working. 

Planning and Scheduling 

Planning is critical for any marketing campaign, and this stage can particularly make or break holiday marketing campaigns. Essential components to keep in mind as you plan your campaign include launch date, reviewing and scheduling final assets, posting blogs, automating newsletters, and creating content and design assets for social media, newsletters, and emails. 

The Takeaway

The holidays are an exciting time of year, and creating festive holiday campaigns makes running any business even more fun. However, navigating a competitive landscape with more online customers makes the planning stages of holiday campaigns critical, making or breaking your revenue goals for the year. Leverage this opportunity to develop unique holiday marketing ideas and create a campaign that will elevate your brand, reach new customers, and drive online sales.