Client Spotlight: Verdi Oncology - Astute Communications

The Client

Headquartered in Brentwood, Tennessee with practice locations across the United States, Verdi Oncology partners with oncology practices, physicians, and hospitals to create value through high quality, low cost, patient-centric oncology care. Verdi was founded on the belief that cancer treatment should be patient-centric and value-based. To this end, Verdi has invested heavily in the four pillars of great treatment: patient-centric care, clinical trials, value-based care, and quality systems & technology.

The Problem

Verdi Oncology operates a growing number of practices across the United States, providing a variety of services for their partners. After experiencing tremendous growth over the past few years, they approached the team at Astute in need of a new brand identity, a greater web presence, and improved lead generation.

Our Solution

We began our work with Verdi Oncology by focusing on their brand identity. The word “verdi” is a Scandinavian word meaning “value”, which is an underlying ethos of the company. Applying this ethos in their branding, we leaned into the Scandinavian design palette using different elements that enhanced this connection. Through in-person brand workshops, off-site research & development, and finally, logo iteration, we were able to deliver a simple yet stunning brand identity.

Next, we turned our focus to the design and development of the Verdi Oncology website. The corporate site was custom designed and aims to build the brand and generate leads for the business development team. 

Additionally, the need for multiple websites was crucial to this project. As Verdi expanded and acquired new practices, our system of design and development allowed for new practices to have a branded website in a matter of days. The unique individual practice websites were built to ensure patients can easily find information and communicate with the team at each practice location.

Once the Verdi Oncology brand and site had been built, we began our social media engagement. Our team of digital marketing experts helped grow and engage a diverse audience across social media. For the corporate brand, we established thought leadership, grew the brand, and positioned Verdi as a dominant player in the world of practice management.

On the patient-facing side of social media, we established the individual Verdi practices as caregiver brands that have answers to life’s difficult questions. The delicate balance between authoritative and supportive was achieved by staying on brand, offering support and expertise, and engaging with the community.

Most recently, we’ve re-engaged with the Verdi team through a content development strategy. Content services included written content around clinical trials, creating a company-wide newsletter, different collateral materials for the business development team, and writing blog posts. All of this is handled in-house by our team of experts working hand in hand with the leadership team at Verdi to ensure we are staying on brand, and conveying their forward-thinking approach.

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