Spero Group

The Client

Located in Middle Tennessee, The Spero Group, LLC is a management company that specializes in operating behavioral health companies and addiction treatment facilities. From pre-treatment stabilization to long-term sober living, the Spero family of companies provides treatment options to individuals and families facing substance use and behavioral health issues. They offer a full spectrum of treatment options; including treatment centers, detox facilities, community centers, and sober living residences.

The Problem

The Spero Group has been steadily growing and expanding their family of companies in order to provide addiction and behavioral health treatment options at every level of treatment. As they’ve continued to increase the number of properties under their umbrella, The Spero Group has needed to create an online presence for each company while maintaining a consistent brand style across each of them. These websites needed to accurately showcase who each of these companies were, as well as maintain a uniform design and style for their brand. 

Our Solution

Our development and design team quickly got to work learning who The Spero Group, LLC is as well as getting to know their family of companies; including Nashville Recovery Center, Nashville IOP, Music City Interventions, Tennessee Recovery Clinic, NRhythm, and Recovery Labs.

We began our work with The Spero Group by working on Nashville Recovery Center (NRC), a place for those living in recovery to have a safe and supportive community to help them on their journey. Our goal was to create a unique website to showcase everything NRC has to offer while creating a brand identity for NRC that could be easily replicated and expanded to the other companies under The Spero Group umbrella.

As their family of companies has continued to expand out, our team has been able to successfully build a website for each company, while also being able to create a uniform brand for each Spero Group business.

Our design team was able to create unique color palettes to suit each individual company, giving each one their own mark and colorway that looks nearly identical to all the others, yet still gives each company its own unique identity.

In doing this we have successfully created a unified brand for The Spero Group and each company that falls under their umbrella. By having this unified brand, the different companies can maintain consistent branding and communication efforts by having a uniform look for their websites, logos, brochures, emails, and more. 

Our team of developers, designers, and strategists have had a blast working with The Spero Group, LLC and we look forward to more fun and exciting projects in the future! Click the button below to see how each company turned out:


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